Other than fire and electric pokemon, what else is good against Skarmory

From your experience, which pokemons do okay against them even without typing advantage?

For soloing Skarmory raids, there are no decent alternatives.

For Great League PvP, Bastodion is resistant to Flying (and Steel) moves, while its Rock moves deal neutral damage to Skarmory. Probopass is a cheaper and better alternative; although not Electric-type, it has Electric-type moves.

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Alola Raichu with volt switch, thunder punch, grass knot.

forgot to mention that I was asking regarding PVP

If you want to outbulk it (because not electric and fire type mons was your question) another steel type actually does fine. Probopass and bastiodon as said before, steelix, registeel, azu depending on shield bating and movesets (land a hidropump and youre done) or simply spam with something like swampert.
And one funny mon who beats skarmory in the lead position is altaria. Incredibly strange, but true


Nope, its neutral. Rock weakness + Steel resist from own Steel cancel each other.

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Right, it takes neutral damage from Steel moves, but is doubly resistant to Flying moves.

Mawile with Ice Fang/PuP. Uses one shield at worst, but can take at least one SA w/o shielding. Did Azumarill, Altaria, and skarmory with a single Mawile earlier today. (Rank 8)

If you don’t want Fire or Electric type Pokemon, are okay with Fire or Electric type moves? For example Delcatty has Wild Charge.

Altaria as a lead can beat an opposing Skarmory lead, but it’s definitely not a great match up. In the end Altaria will be a couple fast moves away from fainitng and you’ll be out of shields. In my team that’s usually the best I can do, but if you’ve got a proper counter, I’d definitely switch to it. Either way, Skarmory is scary and definitely the Pokémon that I hate seeing the most in an opposing team.

Winning a lead with a disadvantage of zero shields against one, and a sky attack fully charged is ok for me… you can recover the shield instantly, or not but you can choose the second match, geting the momentum all the time. It’s a tricky lead of course, but switching and getting trapped is worse in my opinion

Bring your Fire type, save it + one shield for 3/4 of Skarm’s health. The other 1/4 can be whittled down by anything else.

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Probopass also has Spark and Wild Charge, while doubly resisting Flying moves (and taking neutral damage from Flash Cannon).

I am surprised nobody has said swampert yet. He’s a boss against skarmory just str8 hydro cannons. Yes you’ll need at least a shield (mostly) but I have had unreal success with it. Try it, you’ll be happy.

You may skip some comments, wich is totally fine jajaj.
The thing with swampert is that it is a tricky one against skarmory. In the lead position you can outspam it with mud shot, but I would not call swampert a counter, it’s more like a soft check. If a skarmory switch in, bringing the mud boy is not a win unless you are going to spend both shields to keep switch advantage. The fish is not bulky by any means, and in this neutral matchup needs to reach more charged moves than skarmory. In an energy disadvantage, not good news…

Umbreon. Owns skarmory badly. And the more shields they want to spend, the more advantage for you.

I just don’t have one Umbreon, of any CP…I see Umbreon and the only time I feel confident against it is when I’m playing for fun and I include a Heracross…BUT I think Umbreon dominating Skarmory is an overstatement…more apt for owning Altaria though. I looked at it with 2 shields each, both against Skarmory and Altaria, as a lead Umbreon just slightly has both of their numbers

I would never deny what your image shows, but that isn’t my experience as a player that has used Umbreon in 99% of my GL teams.

Skarmory and Altaria are lovely preys… and sometimes they even waste a second shield! (U can defeat them if they spend 2 and u spend 1).

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I agree, it reinforces to me that small + consistent advantages make a big difference. People playing Skarmory vs Umbreon feel they are doing ok, but they are falling behind (plus some people likely try to catch up damage-wise with a flash cannon). Foul Play just goes faster. Not suggesting anyone try this, but the one time Noctowl can do something significant bc Wing Attack goes a bit faster than Air Slash…only happens Noctowl vs Umbreon with no shields or 2 shields

But the fact is that Skarmory and Noctowl don’t cover the same role. People are getting too short if they think they do.

Skarmory is a flying pokemon, yep, but the strategical point is the steel type, while Noctowl is… a bird.