Ouch (aka Peak Stupidity)

So, uhh… Have any of you ever done something really, really stupid in this game? Like, say… gotten distracted, mis-tapped, and accidentally foddered an expensive skill to the wrong unit?

I mean, I can’t be the only one, right? Somebody make me feel better… :feh_notlikethis:


I’ve fodder Sol off to someone without also doing Aether(Wasted 20k feathers on that). I also nearly foddered off Nah with Infantry Breath to my main unit instead of my support… which at that point I probably would have uninstalled due to how many orbs I threw at her to get her.

i do it everyday.

I do dumb things constantly. Once I foddered a 5 star I didn’t care about for New Moon by accident. I also tend to get into downward spirals a lot.

Made my previous +spd 5*+2 OG!Marth a combat manual. cry in wasted dew

Oof… My sympathies.

Thankfully mine isn’t quite as bad… I had meant to give SS3 to Velouria and Mirror Impact to Tailtiu… But I was tapping around, waiting for a build to finish, then someone came over to ask me a question. I ended up getting switched and gave SS3 to Tailtiu instead.



Well, at least Tailtiu can make a good use of SS3

Very true. I kind of wanted to be done with this banner and not touch it anymore though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mixed up the CYL1 and CYL2 banner and ended with an A!Camilla, who I don’t care about and already got twice before

I still want to cry for that

Foddered both my bridal Lyns to Lucius before even getting her to lvl 40. Also many many really stupid mistakes in AR. And I accidentally foddered only fortify res 1 instead of fortify fliers from Caeda a couple days ago.

Not really drastic, but I was very angry with myself when I was merging a +spd Athena to overwrite a +Hp one, back before the update of removing banes, but I did it the other way around instead, but I still accomplished that later.

I also foddered my B! Celica for her Deathblow 4, but only did it up to Deathblow 3 without realizing it. FML on that still.

5*+2 turned into a combat manual? Not only cry in dew but bawl in at least 60k feathers and who knows what other resources. Sorry for your loss :open_hands:

Feathers are not much of a concern for me, i get enough of them to promote 2 units to 5* during my good weeks. He was built cheaply too. But that dew is so hard to come by, and he’s so good as a support unit, i think i rage-quitted for a few days when that happened.


I once fodder a Brave Sword+ to a Hana only to fodder that Hana to…

Hana, I mean I did pick the Brave Sword for the fodder, but still why didn’t I merge???

Sure that’s not as bad, but still incredibly stupid.

Foddered Rauorblade to my W!Tharja instead of my SM!Eirika. That’s the only one I can really remember since I’m usually pretty careful when foddering and stuff.

Only 2 bigger ones come to mind.

Luke foddered to Nowi. While she appreciates Panic Ploy 3, I lost out on his level 40 conversation and 5k in feathers (at the time, now 6k). Don’t really care for the 2 DF, but would be nice to clear out too.

Shiro foddered off to Xander. Went for Defense Tactic 3, but then the seal came out, and I still haven’t used Xander on mixed teams either. So a complete lose-lose scenario. Plus I’d like his 6k in feathers too. Not sure how long he’ll be stuck at 40 HM. And his 8 DF too.

I once promoted a Laslow manual to 4* to fodder for axebreaker 3, and then I only foddered axebreaker 2 anyways or something stupid like that. The consequences were relatively minor, but if you think about it, the mistake is even stupider than foddering the skill to the wrong unit.

I once foddered 2 camillas to let someone learn draconic aura…