Overall, who do you think has been the game's most controversial unit?

  • Reinhardt
  • Ayra
  • Bridal Sanaki
  • Surtr
  • Fallen Edelgard
  • Other (Comment)

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have you seen the Fedelpocalypse on GP a few months back lol


Edelgard without a doubt. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a unit spark as much debate as her, and she’s still being talked about in some places. I still occasionally see posts on places like Reddit of people asking how to deal with her.


Is this even a contest?

Ayra is tough, but she’s never been unbeatable.
Bridal Sanaki…was controversial?
Reinhardt’s a meme, sure, but I wouldn’t call him “controversial.”
Surtr may have been called controversial back when they added him; but that controversy was nothing compared to F!Edelgard, who made the game nigh-unplayable for a while.


Fatalgard and it’s not even close

The fact that this site alone has a least a dozen threads complaining about her is a testament to how many hackles she raised


My guess would be due to her age combined with the theme of the banner. While it could be argued she’s supposed to be a flower girl, I don’t think there’s anything that actually suggests that. So the potential implications are a little icky to say the least.

Technically I think what they were going for was her kinda pretending as kids do. But like I said it is open to interpretation which leaves room for icky implications.


I always figired it was just a festival theme, lile Hinoka and Camilla dressing up as pirates without actually being pirates. I don’t think many (if any) of the Bridal units were actually getting married for it.


Yeah, this is exactly it

Sanaki is like… 12 in PoR and was being marketed as part of a bride banner. It made quite a few people upset at the implications. But it blew over pretty quickly, and the fact that some people don’t even know about it now is proof of that


Again, it’s more about potential implications than anything overt. Even if none of them are actually getting married at the event, it is still themed around marriage and weddings and with Sanaki being a child it does plant certain ideas in one’s head, intentionally or not.


You know, the most controversial thing I remember about Ayra wasn’t Ayra herself exactly but rather that she was on the TT banner (where she color shared with Eldigan) instead of the regular one. While it was definitely an odd decision to put her there instead of on the regular banner with the rest of the new units, it seems pretty silly and inconsequential in hindsight given how big of a deal people made it at the time.


It was that combined with the fact that she powercrept every other sword unit at the time (and by a pretty significant margin) that pissed people off. I can definitely see the frustration of wanting this super powerful new unit and she’s sharing with sucky ass Eldigan, who wasn’t that great even on his debut

But oh, if only the people had known how much worse the powercreep would get after that.


Ayra was (and kinda is) easily beaten by any good blue mage

Reinhardt has always been beaten in any situation other than “Fully invested and initiating combat against a low Res red unit”

Bridal Sanaki is just weird and icky

Surtr loses too hard against any mages if he isn’t running DC, and loses against armor-effectiveness and strong red nukers without Steady Stance 4.

Fedelgard has none of those weaknesses. She doesn’t have any major color disadvantage, always 1HKOs mages, can act both EP and PP with equal effectiveness, her design is acceptable and kinda cool, and has both DC, stat boosts, DR, follow-up denial AND Special Fighter in just 2 skills.

Fedelgard simply has no competition.


Also, it’s odd that you didn’t mention units like Ophelia or L!Azura. Those seem much more broken and controversial than Surtr to me.


On release: Dedel

Post Refine: Bike and Hecc


@TwoHitsOneCup we have a non-believer over here


Yeah pretty funny considering the things we have now. Although it does make me wonder. Regnel Astra is definitely what made her so good back then, so would she have been received the way she was if we actually had generic spd scaling specials like we do for other stats? Idk. Maybe but hard to say. Also still annoyed we don’t have generic spd scaling specials


Edelglue without a doubt


In my country there’s a tradition where kids dress like the bride and husband and throw around flowers, but we know that wasn’t the implication…


I can’t say anything here that hasn’t already been said. F!Edel takes this poll without question.


B.Hector deserves to be on the list

I don’t know how controversial these units were besides maybe F.Edelgard. The majority was agreed on the others, that they are stupid.