Overhyped, easy to climb over; the "you can 90+ too" thread


You know it!


It really hits different with my new pfp


Only just tealised you’re sporting Johan. :fgo_goodciv:

Personally more fond of Yubel-possessed-Johan


The OG demon twink

You should have joined us for GX mafia!


I was a bit “umm what is mafia umm” and probably excessively depressed.

I followed Duel Monsters dubbed and GX/5D’s/the first arc of Zexal/Arc V up to the last few eps stayed for Jack in Japanese, and I’ve rewatched DM in Japanese up to Battle City… semis? Right before the Virtual World filler. Oh, and I survived Vrains up to a few eps after the ‘shock twist, who saw them being an antagonist coming?’ arc started.

5D’s Dark Signers arc and GX S3 in JP are probably my favs post duel monsters.


Join us :fgo_bbgrin: [YGO Mafia R3] Signups :: Card Games on Motorcycles (We’re All Riders Now) :fgo_medb:


@Lost247365 you too


You put them on the waitlist, old man

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Which means they haven’t joined :fgo_seiba:

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Cute chicken…


I didn’t do mafia for a long time, but I finally poked my head in and was invited to stay. It’s fun and not too difficult to get started with.


I want to but just don’t have time.

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If you don’t mind someone who can only put minimal effort and need a spot filled pencil me in.

But I don’t want to take a spot from someone who can give a game the time and attention it actually needs.


If you keep your fingers attached and moving for a few seconds each day, you’ll have met the minimum expectation.

Edit: Speech-to-text is fine, too!


A quick note: not all of the requirements to 6 slot are completely trivial. A lot of the nodes need a servant with a large battery to 6 slot, and newer players just might not have any of those. I mean, of the ST servants with 50%+ batteries, I only have Medea (who does potato damage even with advantage), NP1 Circe (slightly better, but still pretty weak), and Chloe (who will probably do the job for Sabers and Berserkers but whose neutral damage is kind of mediocre). Also, most players probably won’t be rolling or getting all the rate up servants with huge powermods, so you talking about how some node is easy because Vritra has a powermod isn’t that applicable.

I get that 3T 6 slot doesn’t really matter except on lottos and a few other heavy farming events and that 5 slotting everything is much easier and that sacrificing 1 CE slot isn’t going to reduce drops by that much and that you don’t need as much from lottos after you’ve raised most of your roster and just need some stuff for infrequent new acquisitions and that you can drop down to 90 after farming 90+ to clear the shop, but I still wouldn’t call the 90+ nodes trivially easy.

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What do you mean by that? Also, anyone who happens to miss Castoria is going to have a very hard time with most of the 90+ nodes.

You’re so wrong it would be funny if this weren’t the 357th time I’d heard this commentary.

You don’t need double Castoria to clear 90+, it’s just the easiest way to 3t the awkward nodes.

The many alternatives

Even in lottos, double Waver 2dps comps don’t suddenly become incapable of going 6CE. Nevermind that Castoria will be all over friend lists so you can still go Waver/friend Castoria for 50% team charge. Or say, Tama/Gong/friend Castoria/other chargers.

Same for Arash/Gong duo comps with a Waver and friend Castoria. There you go, most of the game covered right there. Gong can even give Arash 50% buster up on top of the 50% attack to make sure w1 dies.

DCS is the strongest team, not the only thing capable of going 3t in an awkward node.

No really it's not as hard as made out

Just look at the examples. Guda 5 has 100% powermod on a 50% charge CE. Literally anyone will 3-4t it with advantage or NP levels.

Christmas even if you can’t 3t 6CE 3t with DSS there’s a whopping 50% powermod on Parvati -on an Archers node- with a 50% starting gauge CE as the drop bonus. How long is it gonna take her to face card shit to death with automation after her NP? Heck, wipe the first wave with just 1 buff, card wave 2 then buff+charge and nuke w3. Easily set up.

Or they could just run 5CE kscope and 3t.

Outside of lottos it is not a big deal if your 6x 40AP runs a day take 5 or 6 turns instead of 3. This whole “ride or die” thing is what I was poking fun at.

The Vitch reaction is because your humourless response is pretty woosh. I realise you can’t help it, but it’s pretty much “oh this again” for me.



Basically, there are 3 events of interest: Scathachfest, Christmas 2020, and Nerofest 2021. The other events probably don’t have as much farming or only have limited lotteries (I often use non-3T teams for bond points and MC levelling in non-lottery or raid situations).

In Scathachfest, the event CE shuts down Arash and Gong.

You say that 2DPS + double waver (or Waver + Castoria) is a good composition, but I really don’t think that 2 wavers (or Waver + Castoria) are going to push damage enough for high health wave 3s. The problem is that you don’t have enough card color buffs in such compositions. I mean, a level 100, 2k Fou, NP2 Arjuna Alter with an MLB event CE does a minimum of what, 165k damage with 2 Wavers (22% buster up, 20% buster resist down, 120% attack up, 70% powermod during Scathachfest)? Without rather high NP levels on 2 separate berserkers/class advantage attackers/strong neutral attackers, 2 supports (of which only one gives a card color buff) probably aren’t going to be enough to help meet damage thresholds. And most players likely can’t find 2 such servants that can meet the damage and battery thresholds for such nodes.

How does Arash + Gong + Waver + Castoria work? Does Arash have a KScope or something? And how is Gong going to get enough charge to blow up 2 waves of enemies? Waver and Castoria will only give 100%, and refund will be very little on most irregular nodes. You probably need ~90% of additional charge (a bit less due to refund). So does this also require Skadi? Even then, you need more charge. Even if a hypothetical player has Reines in addition to all that, you’re going to run into team cost issues (3 + 4 + 3 * 16 + 12*5 = 115). Also, without black grail or double Castoria, how great is Gong’s damage going to be? He has no buffs in category 3 unless you bring in Tamamo (who gives no charge), how is he going to take out 150k-200k+ waves?

Why do you think players will have Parvati? She is a good quick looper and some people may have gotten her on a ticket or rolled for her, but many may have ticketed/rolled for Zerkerlot instead or another quick looper (or come too late for that).

:popcorn: me watching this.