Owain Fodder



Hi guys,

I have an extra copy of Owain that I pulled from a while back. I was waiting to use it until IS added the 4 skill fodder option. Now that it is out, I was wondering what some units are that I could give it too.
The Iv’s for the Owain I have are perfect, +spd. -hp.

Spencer Kim


I suggest keeping him if you don’t have many good infantry sword units to use on the chain challenge maps, but if you have a fair amount of good sword infantries and you don’t think that you’ll use him then you should probably fodder him to someone who’d also enjoy Wrath, considering how Atk/Def bond is now available on 4* Rutger


Yeah that’s a good idea


So how about this build idea

Spd refine for Rutger on slaying edge
Then I fodder Owain to Rutger for blue flame and wrath


sounds good thanks a lot


also what about atk/spd bond for the seal?


Owain… Fodder?

I’m afraid I’m not familiar with that concept.

Anyway, yeah, Blue Flame and Wrath for Rutger is nice. You won’t really be able to activate it as fast as Owain (depending on the A slot) but it works.


Blue Flame is somewhat specific of a skill. It’s best for units who lack atk, def, and res, so that they can’t hit super hard and they also have a hard time finding a stat on which to scale their special. Rutger is actually one of the better candidates for this skill. The catch is that if you use wrath, he maybe needs to figure out a way to control the amount of damage he takes, because he doesn’t have desperation and his atk stat is a bit low to be playing for OHKOs. If you boost his defense into the upper 30s or even to 40+, then by that point he can probably switch to bonfire and save you some rare fodder (unless you still want to give him wrath).

The other use is for units on defense teams with WoM, usually pre-charged using pulses.