Ozy as teamplayer

Ozymandias. Finally got him after trying on every rate up since I started almost 2 years ago.
Which is nice.

And while I mostly want him cuz of his style and own performance, his third skill obviously begs the question: Is any of the Imperial Privilege a good fit on a team with him?

Obviously I think I can scratch the evil loli off the list (too quick focussed) and Cleo might be a bit of a class mismatch.
But how about OG Nero and ROMA?


Ozymandias’ 3rd skill works with Imperial Privilege so he can be partnered with Nero, and other servants with chance-based skills like Hans (except with my Fionn, for some reason).

Correct me if I’m overlooking something, I don’t see any problem running him with Assassins like Cleo or Hundred-Faced cause you’ll be fighting Rider enemies anyway.

Edit: just checked, Fionn’s skill works differently.

Yeah, though the biggest question is which IP users match him well.

Forgot about Hans.
I’m thinking maybe Nero, Hans and Ozy.

Fionn isn’t as important since he can get to 100% chance anyway. He’s the type or servant you’d only use at high skills

I’ve found him really fun to run with Scathach too, to shore up the crit buffs on her Wisdom of Dun Scaith, and she benefits from his Charisma pretty nicely. Nero and Cleo are the most obvious picks cause their AoE compliments Ozy’s own ST really well for nodes with variable enemy HP. In rare circumstances where it’s useful, he helps Ishtar proc her invul/pierce invul too. I can’t think of too many other chance-based buffs but I’ve not playtested anything other than Nero and Scathach though.

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Bring Hans w/him and get to experience the Takehito Koyasu surround sound system. Joking aside, that buff chance up really turns chance based Skills/NP to 100% effects. Seeing all buffs on Hans’s NP land on all 3 servants is just satisfying.


Havent really been encountering lots of Imperial Privilege save for Nero, Cleo and Wu Zetian.

Pairing my Ozy with UMU does wonders on her considering she has IP EX.

Downside tho his selfish starweight takes all of the stars Hans and 2030 generates hampering his team play.

@OwlCafe Scathach is a neat idea I forgot. Might have some issues with Ozy’s star weight but I can see it working. With Wu Zetian or Skadi. Maybe even Romulus.

@gott_ist_tot I held off on building Hans for too long. It’s time. Also adds well to the atk/def buffs, and he likes the charge Ozy gives.

Yeah that’s why Ozy would never be full support. Just an offence servants that brings others up with him.

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Yeah, that’s his biggest issue with anyone as you’ve correctly identified. Riders are just a little bit inherently selfish, but it’s not too hard to get enough stars on the board to spread them around with a 2030 or a good passive generator like Merlin. Shame there’s no Archers or other Riders who can just naturally compete with him.
He partners nicely with anyone with a card type buff of their own, outside the IP crowd too, since they can profit off that Charisma and the 20% NP, but it’s a shame to see that signature buff go unused.

Good for farmers like Cleo, Romulus, and Da Vinci.

Otherwise, it’s a largely forgettable bonus imo. I don’t think I’ve ever fielded him specifically for that

Maybe if you’re hella f2p and Romulus is who you use to knock down doors and you need the IP buff. Ehh.

I just use him as a DPS or a facecard bot during events with spawn bonuses

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Add Mephistopheles, tap all their facecards and you’ve got the full Takehito Koyasu (eardrum shattering) experience.


Though at the same being a rider is his strength. It’s just a class that does better as the center of attention.
Probably Hans+Merlin is the easiest best option for him.

But I still think the ideas above will work. Gonna try em out at least.

I’ll be honest mostly I use that skill just for Ozy or the battery.
I can’t remember using other servants with RNG skills at the same time as him.

In a couple of months we’ll get Lanling that would also appreciate the buff success effect.
Lanling hasn’t got the IP but the third skill provides massive benefits if leveraged properly.
He does have a targetable buff success of his own, but Ozy would allow it to be used as a 20% battery for a teammate.

Same, except occasionally for Helena when I happen to need both anyway. Maybe I’ll find reasons to use it with my new tesla, but I rather doubt it.


Oh, I hadn’t considered it would work well with Helena.
I’ll have to remember that for the future.
… then again my Helena’s skills are almost maxed so it wouldn’t have that big impact.

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Ozy may be better as the sole DPS, but his surprisingly unselfish Charisma and Party-wide Buff UP (mostly to ensure his own IP) and 20% Gauge are naturally welcome in any team. He can work as an Helena replacement or even complement on top of Helena’s buffs to grant a total of 40% partywide gauge and considerable damage buffs, useful for farming. The Hans pairing you guys suggested is not just funny but actually useful. I’m actually surprised I haven’t tried it out yet.
Not at his best as a teamplayer, but a clever use nonetheless.

Again, Ozy’s buff success rate up is not a good idea to pair with other Servants unless you lack better support or unless Ozy has another role in the team comp (such as nuking a big target).

Guaranteeing IP for other Servants sounds great, but in practice you’re better off giving them one of the big supports instead.


Yeah ofc. Not gonna use Ozy without trying to get him to deal damage.
Like mentioned before Hans’ purpose would accually helping Ozy.

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