OZY CE recommendation

for ozy,which one better for him
Aerial Drive or Hero Elly’s Adventure?

Generally, you want starting NP CEs, so Aerial Drive.
In much longer fights in which you know you’ll be unleashing several NPs with him, the value of that starting gauge diminishes, and Hero Elly’s Adventure becomes better.

Depends on the quest and other team members.

Hero Elly has better multipliers.
Aerial Drive has starting gauge.

Ozy can charge everyone by 20%, which honestly is kind of awkward with 50% starting gauge. Merlin doesn’t give 30%, and you’d have to use two of Waver’s skills. On everyone else, 50% is a Waver away from NPing instantly. Either way, if it’s a longer fight, Hero Elly is better for the bigger boosts.

And on your rider support slot, give him that MLB Mona Lisa for all the friend points, since he enables faster NPs on all aoe servants.

Yeah I can’t remember the last time I actually used something other than MLB ML, whether mine or someone else’s lmao.

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I would personally have to recommend Aerial Drive for most cases. Starting NP gauge is extremely valuable, and really everything else just folds so nicely into his kit.

Hero Elly’s is a great (and often slept on) CE though, so for more extended fights, such as some chunky Caster mob/boss, you can give it a shot.