Ozymandias Team Comp

What are the best servants to pair with Ozy?

Ozy is more of someone you use to add into a comp, rather than build one around him. But if you want him to be the DPS, Merlin/Nightingale/Shakespeare/Hans help buff his damage as general supports. Ozy really is one of those characters that you can just put into any team comp and have him work


yeah I agree . I’m trying to use him with Karna but Karna has no way to get Crit stars and when I use 2 2030’s Ozy just takes all his stars anyways

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I much prefer him to function as a DPS, but he is a very reasonable stand-in for other charge support Servants if necessary.

My Ozy is maxed on everything but gold Fous (sorry, Ozy), but I only field him when there’s a boss or an awkwardly placed high-HP mob to be killed. He brings strong utility but has definite downsides as a “support” character.


Naturally Ozy will vacuum stars, but Karna has low star weight, which compounds the issue. Another reason why Casters are preferred to support him in a comp that uses face cards, since their weight is even lower.

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He’s actually a pretty great choice if someone on your team relies on RNG buffs. He helped me get some consistent runs with Nero before.

Maybe put him with an archer? Archer have a high star weight , so would grab a few stars at the very least.

I can say something of farming here. (Without Waver.)

I sometimes pair Ozy with Ishtar for the Quick and Buster-Up effects and the NP gain up and with Astolfo would normally be there in the team.

Essentially Ishtar and Astolfo would wipe the first two waves and the third, if it’s a high HP boss, would be taken care-off by Ozy. This would require a 50% on Astolfo, as well as K-scope for Ishtar though. It would

That is my typical Anti-Caster comp. I recently acquired waver so this might change, but for general stuff it has worked quite well in my experience.


One of Ozy’s limitations as a DPS is the lack of other damage increase other than Attack Up (which stacks additively.) A good way to further buff Ozy’s damage as main DPS is to add buster up supports like Merlin and Shakespeare, or star gen supports like Hans or 2030. It’s usually better to field supports with low star weight like Casters to avoid competing with Ozy for crit stars.

As a support, Ozy can provide the 20% NP charge + charisma to his whole team but he shouldn’t stay too long in a fight to avoid taking crit stars from the main DPS. I would suggest to either plugsuit him out or have him hold Poster Girl CE in this case, so he can cast his buffs then step out of the fight.

Hey, this is almost exactly what I use as well! Pretty sweet.

I’d like to supplement you post and mention that it’s also fairly easy to fit in a fourth, single-target Rider (such as Ryouma and Ridertoki) for added oomph, especially on the final wave. It’s certainly spiced up my door farming, but it works for literally any 9x Caster node due to everyone’s high damage.

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If you are going to use Karna to crit you need to give him star gather CE like hot sand.

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Ozy isn’t really meant to be a support. I use him more like an anchor someone who can stay on the front lines and output consistent damage.

If you want him to be the main dps,just grab a merlin with 2030 from your friendlist and you are good to go. Maybe bring along a mash /waver for defense and stalling since ozy’s np is also pretty spammable especialy if he gets those arts crits which shouldn’t be too difficult


Never use Ozy as full support.
But some heresy here that I do think he can work in a team with two dps. Especially if your second dps has differend buffs than atk up.
It’s a bit sad most IP users are selfish. Wu is a mismatch and ROMA is probably not worth it.

But NP focussed buster/arts servants work fine with him since he has 2 arts cards and a 20% team battery so that’s nice.

Hans should be a special mention since his NP is chance based and Ozy both helps him charge and guarantees all effects

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Something that hasn’t been mentioned yet is his near unparalleled ability as the DPS in a stall team. The combination of his self heal, teamwide NP charge, and NP seal on his NP combine insanely well with Tama and Merlin or Jeanne.

You can use all three servants NPs basically every other turn, so you have massive amounts of healing, and Tama is constantly reducing your cooldowns, and you can also easily go 10 turns against even an archer boss without them using an NP. It’s honestly kind of ridiculous.

My go-to stall team is Tama and Merlin with Prisma Cosmos, and then Ozy with Maid in Halloween. Prisma does Prisma things and just makes your NPs even more consistent, and then Maid means that Ozy is pretty much permanently at max HP, so you can focus your targeted heals on Tama and Merlin to make absolutely sure that they won’t go down. The Mystic Code doesn’t actually matter that much, but either default or Atlas are probably best, with an honourable mention to Mage’s for the extra NP charge and AoE heal.


Aside de the generical Merlin Ozy is good everywhere

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It’s worth pointing out that he buffs himself with +58% ATK for 3T. Additive or not, that’s ridiculous. He’s not hurting for damage despite the lack of multiplicative buff types within his kit.

His NP further inflicts a 3T 20% DEF Down, for a grand total of +78% effective ATK bonus on any turn in which these effects align.


3T farming with Ozy

I like doing double np Nitocris/Paracelsus, then ozy and class effective AoE servant on the boss. Ozy can get 40k easy vs neutral and give def down to dps. You can clear a Lot of FQs this way. An alternative is Arash then 2 AoE helpers if Nitocris/paracelsus can’t handle the first two waves. This does require a lot of kscopes unless your other servants have batteries and can use IE or below.

Ozy as dps

Don’t need much more than merlin and 2030 or two. He sure makes delicious buster crits

Ozy for funsies

Remember that 3 breakbar caster boss in GUDAGUDA 3? Double ozy and Ryouma was beautiful. If they all have 50% CE’s, their combined batteries is another 50%. It was a really fun “haha, hahahahaha caster go boom” scenario.

No doubt Ozy has incredible attack buffs, but just thinking of the insane damage numbers once you add buster and crit buffs on top :) I really think Merlin would be the ideal support for Ozy in this case.

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Yes, Merlin is the definitely the natural choice :slight_smile:

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Well… Obviously Merlin is the king of buster meme for a reason… But…

I will go for a Hans mash ozy team. Ozy charge team np, have def up and np seal, with many def up from his team (Hans and mash) you can basically face tank np, still have heal, and tnx to ozy Rider class you can go for 2 2030 and be chill. You lack buster up, but still enought buff for me.