P!Surtr vs B!Edel - Far Save (and Faye I guess)

I recently pulled another copy of Henriette from the fest banner. She’s unfortunately -def/+hp, which is, well, not so good, even tho my main rrason for getting her is the far save.
I have both far and near save on my Bector, but I run him on defense in light season, making matches much more stressful.
I have both P!Surtr with +def/-spd and B!Edel with +def/-hp. I don’t think I need to tell you how busted these guys are. But who’s better for far save?

  • Surtr
  • Edel
  • Faye

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Thanks for your help.
Edit: I also have V!Faye and can give her Midori’s bow


Neither. Just use Henriette.

Edit: nvm use Faye, she’s easily one of the best Far Save users in the game


Makes sense. I do have DC on my PSurtr tho. He got so much dmg reduc that even the Balm who murdered my Bector couldn’t take him out. What’s really the reason for both him and Edel not being as good as Henriette, even if she has such terrible IVs?


Faye, since she doesn’t need A slot for DC and has good stats for it.

Otherwise B!Edel, since she has enough going on she can use A for DC. P!Surtr is really just so much better as near save, so I wouldn’t try and make him far save.


Needing to waste an A slot for DC is huge

Henriette hits res and has really good minmaxed stats despite the IV. For reference, PM1 uses a +HP -Res Henriette and she still tanks ranged hits very well

Bagel especially is a poor option because Duo Lif exists and is literally everywhere


This is true. I haven’t thought about that


The simple answer is that they have to dedicate their A slot for DC whereas Henriette (and Faye for that matter) can instead run a skill that further boosts stats and/or grants Guard. With Save you’re specializing against units with a specific range, so ranged units are almost always the superior choice for Far Save. (B-Hector is a rare exception because of his Prf A slot)


Also gonna point out Spring Idunn as another exception. Being a dragon means she hits res and can usually afford to not get stats from her A. Also her weapon is stacked with the penalty negation and follow up denial


Between +0 Faye and +0 Henriette I’d keep Henriette since she targets RES and comes with a pre-designed build that works great.


Oh yeah also, forgot to mention, Faye is +res/-spd. I mean, I can use Henriette, but I don’t really want to spend time building her while I have Faye.
Also, well, Faye is one of my favorite characters from Echoes, so yeah Henriette probably will die


Spendthrift SF Faye is a bastard with far save and isn’t concerned with NFU effects unlike Edel.

I’d pick Surtr 2nd only because he gets the DR upfront and has a nasty bonfire like Edel, But there are 1,000 far save heccs ares out there so there are equally as many NFU green mages.


And also this so yeah, just use her.


Alright then. Thanks. And thank god we got the steady breath skill cause I don’t have SF atm and will probably have to use CF.
Nvm she can’t use SB


Then I would use vengeful instead, and put a T4 stance in A. That way you get guard and cooldown accel and double.

I thought about it but I don’t really have any other T4 stance other than mirror stance, so her def is kinda low (for a tank ofc)

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But anyway, this looks right to me. If I get another Mila I might fodder her off for Faye.


While Faye is probably the best option, PSurtr is also a great candidate for Far Save. DC on his A slot might seem like a problem, but 75% DR is a lot better than whatever A slot he sacrifices it for.

I personally would keep Henriette, as both BHector, Faye and PSurtr are weak to the same stuff, manly windsweep. Henriette isn’t.


I did give far save to Faye in the end but thanks


Yeah, Faye was your best option as you already invested on her, and she looks awesome. I was adding to the overall discusion about who is best for general Far Save use.