Pacifist. Powerhouse. Princess of Renais

After earning enough Sacred Seal coins from Voting Gauntlet quests, I’ve finally finished Bonus Doubler 3.

Thus, my 100% original, creative, and groundbreaking build for a red sword infantry unit is finally complete!

In all seriousness, I was pretty excited to see Atk/Spd Oath 4 added to the game.
Eirika’s Sieglinde refine benefits from visible buffs and “within 2 spaces” positioning, and the new Oath 4 gives her both.
Stat-wise and under the right conditions, she might well be my strongest unit.

I only played Sacred Stones for a short time, but I remember liking Eirika almost immediately. One of her first scenes shows Eirika refusing to be sidelined, even when Seth tries to do her fighting for her. She points out that he’s wounded, quickly dispatches the soldier attacking them, and then moves on without any melodrama.

Another scene that comes to mind is when someone steals Eirika’s bracelet while her party is traveling through the woods. Seth immediately wants to chase after the thief (the bracelet is important for reasons I won’t spoil), but Eirika isn’t really all that bothered. I read this scene as her figuring that a piece of jewelry wasn’t worth charging into the forest and risking her or her companions’ safety.

Even though I never finished Sacred Stones, I never forgot Eirika, either. It’s nice to finally give her a build that’s both reasonably powerful and also fitting for her character - capable on her own, but at her best when working with others.


Eirika’s Sieglinde gives her stats based on her allies’ buffs, not her own

Build is cute but she still needs a buffed ally to make the most of it. Kaden is easily her best partner for the job because of his own Prf


Kaden, L!Eliwood, and B!Lucina.

With guard, another bonus doubler, and cooldown accel she’s a complete monster.

Soloed the TT like that with her, even tanking duoThorr on the final map (hardest difficulty)

It’s really fun for PvE shenanigans


A +10 Eirika showcase and nobody @ed me smh. Good to see her getting some love. Should update mine.