Palm staff support

This is it
The rein staff
I’m just noticing today that is very good for DR speedsters

My brain is kinda slow
Do you like this staff, or rein/hold skills in general?

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Zeke’s a slow ass so the Atk debuff is what really makes the difference here. Shannon gets full DR against Zeke easily even without the Spd debuff

Anyway, Reins are very nice, but the range is pretty short so the the most efficient way to use them most of the time (as least for support like this) is combined with Save units. WF-Hinoka is a pretty popular unit to use with Saves for this very reason. The new Hold skills are better for supporting non-Saviors

I have few units with these types of skills, but I have found a neat use for the Rein Bow I gave my L-Chrom: passively debuffing Røkkrs


It allows my HF.Grima to inflict -15 Atk/Res on the foe just for existing so yah I kinda like them

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I use mine on a flying healer like Scion Nanna with atk/spd rein in the c slot. Works pretty well for save units, especially ones that can use the speed debuff like Black Knight.