Panic Smoke 4 Corrin or Morgan Suggestions

Hi guys one question, I’m thinking in build a Male Morgan or a Corrin F with panic smoke 4 but idk how good they are so I want you opinion and what do you think.

Any of you have that units like that?

This are the builds I plan to give them (In the case of corrin I don’t have arcane grima she didn’t appear that’s why I use gloom breath), what do you think about the builds, would you change comething?

Also I will open a votation.

  • Morgan
  • Corrin F

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Both of these units have weapon that have excellent synergy with the Foe Penalty Doubler from Panic Smoke 4, but you have to initiate or survive one EP combat without it first

In that respect I choose Morgan. It is much easier to get the initial Smoke off with a ranged unit than a melee one


Moganns a better unit

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