Panne as an AR-O Cav line counter?

I really like Panne and am thinking about using her in AR-O, specifically as a counter for cav lines due to her cav effectiveness. Maybe alongside Freyja and Velouria in Light season?
What I’m thinking about rn is either this:

or this:

I dunno if her speed is high enough to justify the first variant.
Anyone who uses Panne or has any suggestions on using her?

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If you’re against a cavline there’s so many other counters that’ll be more effective. It’ll be difficult to get Panne up to the ranged cavs, and even if you do, killing one and galeforcing out still leaves her in range of at least one other cav. Unless you’re all in galeforcing, which I guess could work against some cavlines :feh_lucyshrug:

Anyways. I think if you want a cavline counter, just go NCD Sophia or Lyon or something :feh_fayeshrug:


RIP Raigh, everybody hates him.



I’d also suggest tome dancers with wolf tomes. Honestly, cav effective tomes in general trade matchup versatility for the ability to KILL more reliably considering that the more invested ones try to bulk up as much as possible for possible WoM follow-ups or sustained pressure. Windsweep and B!Lyn’s Sacae’s Blessing being used to counter B!Hector and B!Edelgard (prominent save tanks) gets dodged by tomes as well. Micaiahs are premium and do great even on budget, but fave tome units with inherited wolftomes are viable.

Panne is a bit iffy for it for multiple reasons, namely… the build can’t counter against ranged units when they’ll be the ones initiating most of the time, her cav-effectiveness makes it more likely she one-shots so less galeforcing, and her weapon wants to be solo against an archetype that makes that condition difficult.


Thabks everyone, I’ll not build her for that purpose then :)
Kinda sad because I really like her tho :t