Parabolic Charge—possible new PvP mechanic?

So far it looks like Heliolisk and Helioptile are going to know a new move in PvP called Parabolic Charge, which costs 55 energy and does an underwhelming amount of damage (some sources say 25 and others 65). Heliolisk also will know Thunderbolt which does 90 for 55 energy, so it looks like Parabolic Charge will be useless.

That is, unless Niantic makes it do what it does in the main series, which is restore the user’s HP by half the damage dealt to the opponent. This mechanic would be a first for Pokémon GO, but would be especially beneficial to Heliolisk since it’s a low HP glass cannon. In particular it’d be an excellent move to use against high-STA, low-DEF tanks, particularly those weak to Electric like Drifblim, Lapras and Walrein.

That would be a fairly daring move for Niantic, but it’d certainly make things more interesting if they introduced a new mechanic. It’s likely they would nerf it though (maybe it would heal 20% of the damage dealt instead of half). Do you think we’ll end up seeing this?

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I’m excited for any new moves! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Given how little damage it deals, it’s gotta have a stat-altering mechanic or something. At the very least they cop-out on introducing new mechanics and just make it buff your DEF stat. If it does steal HP, then it might even need an energy discount since it has to land un-shielded (which would also make it in an awkward place since stealing HP is only useful if there’s more fight left, not in closing). Half of 25 damage isn’t much and basically means you survive one or two more fastmoves. That’s basically the overall equivalent of dealing 50 damage. :man_shrugging: So they probably need to buff it to make it usable.

There are many of these moves. I guess 65 is correct. Maybe in one or two years, after the championship a new mechanic could be introduced. But not anywhere soon.

Is there not something of a similar mechanic in-game already (whether deliberate or not) in that if you relobby solo or at the same time as everyone else in a raid the boss recovers HP?

As @captpepperjack says, it would need to be fairly dramatic to make it viable, but it could give some species a viable role in PvP, giving glassier species a chance to stay in the fight longer. I have no idea what can learn what moves and what could be ported into Go that would do that though.

I’d be down for this new mechanic but can see it adding to lag, especially when first implemented, with the game having to make another calculation in real time

I would ESPECIALLY like to see an HP-restore move in PvE!!! :star_struck: Imagine having a similar role to Megas but boosting the HP of all attackers in the lobby. Now Blissey (and whatever other healer 'mon) have a role in raids, boosting everybody else’s glass-cannons. Might give something for the lower level players to do to help out more since they lack the top-tier DPS options older players have. :thinking:

Are we seeing yet what it actually does? PVPoke has it as a 55 energy, 65 damage move. Gamepress has it as a 55 energy 25 damage move, neither with a status change/effect.

I’ve just lifted the below from a generic gaming news site:

Before parabolic charge was released and had been datamined, it would do 25 damage and required 55 energy and had the same numbers ford PvE encounters. The overall damage for this attack was extremely lacking, especially for a charged move. However, following the Power Plant event for the Season of Heritage, the damage was increased to 65 for PvP and PvE iterations of the charged move.

So it’s just a worse Thunderbolt and it’s being introduced on a pokemon that also knows Thunderbolt…

As I said, there are many other weak moves like that. Some of them, such as silver wind, poison fang (I know, not THAT weak because it’s fast) and rock tomb (some of them also found on mons knowing better moves) got the special effect later. I guess it will be similar here, but if it’s a new mechanic and not only a +1def boost it will take a long time.

It’s straight out of the niantic school of “look, a new thing” regardless of whether it’s any good or not. Then, at some point in the indeterminate future, said new thing (now a current thing) may or may not get a buff.

Or they recognize their mistake and take it away again, making it an odd legacy move. Anyone remembers brine on the ammonite?

I’d love to see hp restoring moves in the game. The frame work obviously exists, potions are an example of this so it’s not like they couldn’t program it. It wouldn’t even be that game defining as 30hp can be undone by nearly any charged move.
What would be interesting is future potential. Giga Drain and Draining Kiss do the same and Yveltal’s Oblivion Wing does too. So it could open up another tactic in PvP if done correctly.