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You ask, I deliver. And Paracelsus delivers.

After his Rank Up.

Glad to have that up on the site, and glad that the old one is gone. That one was extremely old and did not really adhere to the principle of not-crapping-on-a-Servant-entirely because some people always have a fondness for certain Servants. And if you’re straight up saying someone is bad and that’s not the entire truth, well, you’re in a world of hurt.

Because even before his Rank Up, he can still do some Nitocris-light stuff with back-to-back NPs. But those weak nodes tend to have plenty of viable 3-turn solutions via Arash or something as well.

In any case, Paracelsus is a harbinger of the meta to come, where farming is sped up significantly for those with strong Arts/Quick access. I use him for my go-to 3-turn Arts farming, which tends to be a Paracelsus/Tamamo/Waver/Anastasia comp where he frags wave 1. It’s a good solid comp with very little that can go wrong given how much charging you can throw around.

I’ve put loads of hyperlinks in for this one, but not really went in on the DPS Servants, those are ever-changing and have many variations where you can run with or without Paracelsus to boot. Hope the ideas help nonetheless.

See you in June/July :fgo_buster:



Now this is what I’ve been waiting for.

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While I appreciate his buff as much as anyone else, I can’t help thinking DW will never address some of his other issues because “hey, he’s meta now”.

Cooldowns are still incredibly long across the board. His NP has a ridiculously low damage multiplier AFTER an upgrade.

At least, I’d like his elemental to grant burther arts boost to himself. Even if for a single turn.

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Well, at least he’s got something massive to do. Having specializations is a good thing, provided they are not too niche. Our roster is becoming more and more massive after all (200 Servants on NA).

Being stuck in the mire of mediocrity with nothing special (Nezha comes to mind) is far worse.


I still feel that DW should unload an update where a whole herd of Servants who need fundamental fixes are addressed. Things like wonky NP modifiers that aren’t justifiable in the current state of the game (Paracelsus, Vlad III, Medea…) and bad, launch-era hit counts and gen stats would be lovely to have updated.


I know this is a Paracelsus thread but I am really looking forward to her (next week maybe DW please?)


To be honest, Para will be pretty OP if his NP actually has normal multipliers. People have been slapping 2k Sumo/Dinner on him and he can double NP 20k neutral waves just fine with Waver buff allowing you to forego Bond 10 Arash. If he gets normal multipliers there’s basically no reason to use any other low star AOE Casters or even lower NP level SR AOE Casters.

As for CD, yea they are long but for someone who’s designed to be a one-time buff bot/secondary wave clearer for farming/CQ he is not expected to stick around casting his skills twice in the first place. They really do not impact him ability to perform his intended role.

Not against Para getting another buff even though he doesn’t need it, but I am not interested in more Arts boost on Paracelsus, a really strong buff would be making elemental granting further Arts boost to another ally instead of just himself.


Overall, I see a ton of Servants I’d much rather see buffed than someone at the center of the farming meta :fgo_badciv:


Agree. But well, I stopped expecting any buffs spit out by DW to make sense after Caesar’s NP upgrade.

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His CDs being atrocious, IMO, literally do not matter one bit, as even from browsing low-rarity runs he tends to only be used as (an excellent) kickstarting engine and mild ATK Down bot before biting the dust, like a less post-death-defensively-inclined Avicebron. I would like to see a buff to his S2, in light of his obnoxiously low multiplier, but as it is that’s a non-issue no matter which level you play him at since he’s expressly not designed for it in the first place, nor would it - I think - dramatically change his overall use… ideally he buffs, gets out, lets you focus on the primary attackers.

Never mind, as I got ninja’d by, you can make that a non-issue via just Waver and 2K GS/HNS and get through 66% of a node. He was already, as I see it, very meta just by being such an amazing farmer; becoming an F2P centerpiece for looping simply took what was already there up to 11 by taking him to his logical conclusion as a buffer.

You can make an argument for CDs being unpleasant on e.g. Bride outside of using her as a buff-bot, although to me there they strike me as an actively balancing factor since Bride’s, uh, pretty phenomenal even pre-buff as buffer or attacker.

And yeah, far better than being in the Nezha corner, among others.

While more NP Gain Servants are released over time, only Nero Bride comes close to Paracelsus’s high modifier, and she is both expensive and gacha-locked.

This is always something I like seeing discussed tbh, given how closely competitive and broadly overlapping they are come a few months, although I’ve yet to see hard-line (within certain clearly pre-defined contexts) use him instead for ABC and her instead for XYZ. (Not thinking about Bride’s outrageous buff here, lol, no less since it’s also some ways out.) I know it extends beyond “Para vs Bride,” but, it’s something I’ve low-key always had to search out or finagle with math myself for.

Also @Mysty, our boy got updated finally.


I am not really the kind of person that deep dives into in-combat mechanics in terms of modifiers, calculations and manual fact checking. Frankly given the space limitation, none of the knowledge is even particularly relevant when it comes to writeups as we don’t have the space/interest to do such heavy deep dives. I don’t even find it terribly interesting as there is no tangible benefit other than the fun factor.

My interest is purely in macro level, farming speed/efficiency/Event calculations and data interpretation for the previous. That actually truly helps the reader and cannot be understood intuitively. When an Event opens, we can only go by intuition and previous experiences to see what to do. From a helping perspective, you can do far more there.

Nah nah, I wasn’t thinking, “add a mini diversion,” because that would be incredibly silly given potential length and what GP’s write-ups are designed to convey. More just something that’s come to mind after, e.g., watching enough dorapika videos and with us getting more to enable even quirky but effective stuff (if not always necessarily, purely “optimal” or such), a la later getting Lanling and far later Spishtar.

Besides, yeah, context is far more important which is why I was just wondering aloud given DW recognizing it as something worth designing units to help with. It’s just… neat, I guess. Like that one meme.

Huge agree here, mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah good old Hoenhiem, that guy I thought was a 4 star cause no way they would give away someone that hot for free.


Yippee! The credit Para finally deserves!

Anyways, as I’ve mentioned before and I’m sure others had said as well, Para as off now is still worthwhile for anybody to raise. He’s quite the effective farmer for he can possibly 2 wave farm with a bit help from support Wavers running rampant. A rare thing to find from the F2P line-up might I add.

I think his Ascension Artwork isn’t that great, and then you see some CEs with the man.

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His base ascensions plus - still! still! - launch anis don’t really do him justice. He’s cute, and/or appropriately handsome, depending on how people feel like drawing him at the moment.

Hopefully if he ever gets an ani update (looking at you, similar Hans…), they also pay to get Shinichro on for more lines as they did with Caesar recently (and I think maybe Marie concurrently…?).

Edit: Two things.
One: I hope this makes arguing for raising Para-tan easier, since I’ve lost track of how many times myself or others have tried to be all “Yes, his mats do suck. Yes, he is extremely worth it even right now, because [event farming/potentially NPing twice and hitting damage benchmarks with 2K HNS/GS/etc].” and still had trouble convincing short of going “Hey you know this node, that’s a pain? A raised Para makes it a breeze. There’s a concrete example.” I get he’s a hard sell but he’s still an incredibly worthwhile sell, as I know from tracking my experiences with him at 8/8/-, then 10/8, so on.


That one was extremely old and did not really adhere to the principle of not-crapping-on-a-Servant-entirely because some people always have a fondness for certain Servants. And if you’re straight up saying someone is bad and that’s not the entire truth, well, you’re in a world of hurt.

Genuinely curious, without a whiff of sarcasm, how this will be handled after all Servants needing page revamps get them. You can make cases for units like Hari as a budget debuffer. You can say Sanson is super awkward but hey his anti-Evil skill is very solid and demonstrably so. Nonetheless, some Servants (looking at those with old write-ups here) like Benkei are incredibly hard sells without the payoff that e.g. Para-tan has, or still be a resident punching bag despite having actively useful qualities in the absence of superior buffers a la Boudica after her most recent buff. Meanwhile, CasGilles is still CasGilles, Diarmuid is still done dirty by design (Medea kind of already exists for frequent buff-stripping unless you must bring him vs an Archer as I’ve seen recently)… and on and on. Phantom is very Phantom and I noticed he, mercifully, still got treated like any other, which kinda gives me hope for Caligula who is fun as heck once properly working (before dying in one hit).



Justice at last!

Well… Isn’t he?



I was like “oh yeah I have seen farming video with him, I wonder if I can max his skills to go with sieg for arts farming.” then I get to the part where it takes 144 bones to lvl9 his skills :feh_reinyes:

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I never really include skill costs as a demerit, but damn.

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Just means you need to camp out in fuyuki for a week (or three…). But level 8 isn’t that bad. And still got some time before S3 really needs it.