Paraiso crits away my team!? Shimousa Spoilers

I decided to finally continue the Shimosa story right before the fight with Paraiso.
I followed the guide as much as I could with the servants I have since you can’t choose a support and I lack a Waver or a Merlin, but ended up retrying the battle multiple times since she keeps critting my team into oblivion.
I lost 2 frontline servants on the first 2 turns. I don’t understand how i’m supposed to survive this battle if I can lose my servants so quickly. The guide didn’t even say anything about her tendecy to crit.

Is it just a bad stroke of luck or was the decision not to use Mash to focus on class advantage a bad one?

What’s your setup?

Well assassins are usually star generators, so it makes sense that enemy assassins would crit often. But you’re right, I don’t see crit danger specifically mentioned in the boss guide.

I didn’t worry about knight bonuses on boss battles and I luckily have sanzang (team debuff immunity) and DaVinci (pierce invincibility skill). I think this is the one I used atlas for debuff cleanse and let Musashi die to be replaced with BB for more cleanse and immunity.

I managed to clutch it in the end.
My original setup was this since I lack ST Casters:

But I just switched out Medea for Mash for the initial survivability. They all died except for Herc, who was on his last Guts (from the skill) and just somehow managed to fill his NP.

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