Just recently got NP2 Rider Mordred and the first thing I thinked about is her insanely nutty NP spam… though i can only think of borrowing a Tamamo of Caster gil but other than that, i dont have anymore good support aside from MEMERLIN which is a Buster Meme…

I want to recreate Mordred’s NP spam so which should i invest on… Parcelsus or Mozart?

And can someone clarify what better team can i run for Mordred NP spam?

Paracelsus has a nice boost to her NP Gain thanks to his third skill, and his party-wide buff can overlap well with Tamamo’s.
However, Mozart has a very impressive AoE Arts buff and a party-wide critical on command, the latter of which is a nice bonus since SurfMo will suck most of those stars for herself.

Mozart’s skills are dirt-cheap if you don’t have an immediate need for hearts. (You should be swimming in hearts after farming NeroFest.)

Paracelsus doesn’t truly become good until his rank up around the next anniversary. But his targeted golden rule + teamwide arts boost means he’s a better NP spam enabler than Bride.

Uh, both of them aren’t good right now for Mordred. Mozart’s star skill isn’t useful for Mo’s NP based refund, and having a 1 turn arts up isn’t good for consistent looping.(It’s not that Mozart is bad, he just doesn’t support the same gameplan as Summer Mo)
Para does have a 3 turn arts up,but it’s not good enough for the loop. However, when he gets his Guts strengthening, which gives it a 3t 50% NP gain up, he becomes pretty dang good for NP loops, maybe even beating Nero Bride. Too bad it’s gonna take a year or so+the fuckery going on at NA to get to it
A decent loop team would be Mordred/Tama/Waver. Mo’s own Arts up with Tama’s is often enough to hit 80%-90%. Waver can help pick up the slack with his NP charge.

For instant value I’d say Mozart is a better option. Given how he has a decent team wide Arts buff, 50 stars a click which might help boost up her NP gain through crits if her NP fails to kill, as well very cheap to build and deploy. He’s also very flexible with CEs given his low cost as well. His NP comes with a def debuff that could help Mo-chan to reach overkill as well.

Paracelsus on the other hand isn’t as efficient given his long cds per skill. His immediate value isn’t as notable as Mozart until his upgrade on that target-able guts which won’t be here for a while. But that doesn’t mean he’s unusable by any degree though. He still comes with a decent Arts buff as well as an NP charge skill with an aoe NP so he could possibly soften up enemies for Mo-chan to reach overkill range for that NP loop.


  • sets up amazing burst-turns with Arts+stars-on-demand
    • to get more immediate mileage outside that one turn, equip him with MLB Golden Carp (hope you managed to grab it during Rasho), put Combat Suit on Gudako, switch him in when the time is right and stars align > profit! Save his Nachtmusik for next turn it’ll be most useful and Wolfgang retains some utility while his blue buff is on CD
  • debuffs on NP stack nicely
  • his two penultimate buffs got short CD, so should he live long enough he can fire them off again reasonably quickly (big if, of course)

Von Hohenheim:

  • multi-turn blue buff, CD-demerit can be alleviated by means of foxy
  • has battery to fire off his NP more frequently, same regarding CD
  • other than AoE-damage, NP has ataq-debuff - minor on its own, can start to matter when stacked, though
  • guts-u for any team member has some neat utility, he’ll again appreciate foxy being aboard

(Another option for multi-turn arts buff would be Boudica. Lower CD on hers on par with Leon’s War Cry for red and Alex’s Omen for green, she’s got higher star-weight than Hohenheim, however, just below Mo, on the other hand she’s got ataq-up on NP post-Rank Up.)

Got all three of them myself, Mo & Wolfgang & Hohenheim. Only Wolfgang’s levelled to max so far, will need to look into raising the other two since I’ve accumulated some mighty decent blue power recently.

If you’re only going to lvl one I would suggest Parcelsus as he has farming bonus this xmas, but in general it’s easier to fit Mozart and to lvl him.

Borrowing Tamamo and cas Gil is the wrong answer. Rider M already have a nice blue buff, plus either of the support you mentioned the effect is going to decrease.
Best way is to borrow Nero Bride, with Paracelsus you can clear 3 waves in 3 turns. This only works on doors, though. Although the damage is enough to clear a wave of other dailies, without overkill you cannot charge np gauge in one np.
After Paracelsus’ strengthening you can do it with even other daily enemies except for assassins.