Part 2 Challenge Quests Help

I am, in general, pretty dang bad at challenge quests. And in order to get Ishtar Rider to NP5, I need to beat the challenge quests. Any advice on how to make these quests not as bad? Any Servants that could potentially solo them? Any other general recommendations?

Have you read the challenge quest guides? Very useful.

I used Tamamono, merlin, class advantage arts dps and made easy work of all of them with a constant np spam. Fake Nightingale was the only one who managed to kill anyone.

Is there a guide? All I could find was a page that listed the enemies (level, break bars, etc.).

Here’s the page that links to all the guides to each challenge quest (Look under “Challenge Quest Guides”):

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What servants you have on hand that are maxed right now? Like which 3* have you levelled?
I have intentionally done my with low rarity servants (and post the pic in each relevant section) hoping it will help people even you don’t have merlin, waver or other really good 5*

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Hello, I’m also on a new account, and I’ve got my Ishtar to NP3 through friend assist. I got Miyamoto Musashi for the enkidu and Nero caster for the assassins. I had to use my command spell for the fight with the assassins though, ahaha.