Part of me feels compelled to do this

Ever since the trait fruits were revealed, I’ve been tempted to do a speed build on Travant. Even though I’ve never played the game he’s from, those voice lines are just so good that I feel compelled to build him.

Here’s what I had in mind (I do have the fodder for this build).

This build would be for arena, where he could tank physical threats while also providing team support. Problem is, it seems he would struggle in any season.

In wind, Lucina, Gunnthra and Corrin melt him. In fire, Edelgard and Celica melt him, in water, Chrom, Azura and Lief would melt him. And in earth, Alm, and Tiki would melt him.

With this in mind (plus he wouldn’t really change my score at all), I’m unsure if his lack of practicality outweighs my desire to use him. What do you guys think?

  • Build him you clown
  • Don’t build him you clown
  • Maybe a different build to clown around with would be better

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I’ve noticed a decent amount of votes lean towards trying a different build. What kind of builds would work better in arena?

A classic tank build would be good/viable

If you’re using Travant for Arena, it’s generally best to use him the same way as Altena or Mordecai: tanking physical red threads. Stuff like baby Marth, Astram, and the occasional whaled speedster like Shannon. It is true that he’s weak to a lot of legendaries, but that’s what teammates are for.


Triple Chill isn’t that great, though if you run Broadleaf, Gunnthra, or Ursula on the team it does make it better.

I’d maybe keep Chill Spd and look at other options for rest.


I do already have a beefy Mordecai built up for arena, which is why I wanted to build Travant with more of a speed focus, to differentiate them a bit.

Eventually, if I ever end up with +10 legendaries for different seasons, I can use both Mordecai and Travant in different seasons.

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I agree. I’d go for either Flowing Lance or Vanguard for the weapon instead. Flowing Lance is especially attractive in a format where Rallies are everywhere.


I’m not too keen on using orbs to get the flowing lance, as I’d prefer to keep on saving for more important stuff (like finishing the merges on my L!Chrom).

Plus, I’ve never been too fond of the solo skill play style.

IF I was to get flowing lance, would a build like this look better?