Part2: Dumb Niantic Changes: Insence

While my other thread on Gym Distance takes the case of just pointless change, thinking more about the change in Insence going in before Go-fest is potentially worse and more anti-customer.

Because of RL Commitments, I paid my $5 with the expectation of being able to get spawns at home at the rate.
Now I cant.

It’s not that I mind the change overall… I mind it AFTER selling a paid event before the paid event is done.
I wonder if I can get a refund.

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In the blog they said that they will remove the bonuses after Gofest. They made sure to put the word “after” in bold letters.


Thanks. Totally my bad. I read the changes here on gamepress rather than direct. So I went and reread and while gamepreas article says end of July its not bolded or in end effect summary where I saw it listed.

Thanks though. Word to learn to read direct instead of summaries.


You don’t need to keep making multiple threads…

I never understood why people post about how people post…
It’s like complaining about people complaining…

Dont read them :slight_smile:

Its fun because I get to see different things and enjoy talkng pokemon. I’ve actually learned some neat tips from the different PVP move ones, and I learned from this I was wrong :> I admit it.


I’m not complaining about the content, nor complaining about anything. I’m just telling you that you can make one thread about multiple topics, especially given both threads are about parts of the recent news post.