Parties for Gil

i rolled Gil and kinda have a problem with which servant that match with Gil performance. cuz he doesnt have skill that boost his NP nor safe him from high dmg attack.
i would like to now what kind of servant that good or best suited for him, thanks.

I would match him with Mash and borrow Waver from a friend, so you can charge Gil’s NP fast and you can protect him.
Another good pair is Hans+Gil+Waver

Yeah, running a tanky servant with Gil has its benefits as he doesn’t have a skill associated with defense.

But who needs defense when you can crit and Enuma Elish your enemies to death when you pair him with Hans, Merlin, Waver or a star generator like Jack or Fuma. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You could bring along CasGil too. He provides a star generation skill, an attack up, defense and dps along with his NP. Just his Arts up skill feels a bit wasted and his cooldowns are pretty long so you’d prolly be better off with a good Hans whose only shortcomings are lack of damage and low HP.

But really, in longer fights I’d definitely recommend bringing a tank and support who can heal or provide other means of defense that ensure Gil’s survival if he’s your main damage dealer.

It’s just depends on what you need at the moment.

Merlin. Gil’s NP already has a built-in 30% NP damage, with Merlin’s buffs the buff trinity is complete (1.41 atk x 1.3 NP x 1.5 Buster = 2.75x damage at least) . Against 3x servants you can easily see the total damage reaching the realm of million. Oh and Merlin has a party invul. And merlin has a 20% NP charge, pair with Gil’s own 30% charge and a common 50% Starting NP CE he can practically NP anytime.

Merlin is a pretty perfect partner. Buffs crit damage, makes stars, provides lots of healing, etc.

Hans is good too. Sustained crit damage up is important to Gil—you could run Mash/Gil/Merlin with a Hans in the 4th slot.

Re:CasGil—Gil’s NP gain is already good and he has Golden Role. Adding an arts buff on top of that? Insane.

Anyone with a buster buff (because it increases Gil’s damage multiplicatively) who can create stars and who is not a rider (they steal all the stars) would be perfect I guess. Sounds like Merlin. :sweat_smile:
Beyond that Nightingale and Shakespeare could work, too.

Gil also works very well with any servant who’s good at generating stars. With a star gather skill, he benefits nicely from someone like Cursed Arm or Fuuma, the latter of which can provide an evade for Gil to help with his survival.

His third skill gets NP charge and gets NP strength up after all his rank ups and interludes. Gilgamesh was a pretty wild servant at launch and these rank ups make him even better. Do them as soon as you can.

Ideally, Gil is supported by anyone who can help charge his NP and make it hit harder. He’s a servant killer, first and foremost.