Party-Invul vs team-evade vs party-dmg cut, def up, and reduced attack

In your opinion, which has save you more often than you think? Invicibility, evade, or the damage cut group?

For me, it depends on the opponent and the type of playstyle i want. If my main dps dies, then my team becomes the stall team with dss waver ,damage cut group, or waver, merlin, skadi.

If the battle still has my main dps, then most likely invul will come in handy, but evade has its places too, but no where near as often as damage cut and invul.

You would be surprised at the amount of times a damage cut group has saved my team from defeat by reducing the oppenents damage to the hundreds, not the thousands they can dish out.

(Single servants evades dont count)

Damage Cut is problematic when we’re dealing with big numbers. A 20k crit vs. a 500 Damage Cut still hits for 19.5k.

Hard defense like invincibility is usually the safest method, especially in tandem with % DEF Up.

The number of Servants who can effectively stack severe ATK Down demerits are relatively few, making it a somewhat niche and complicated strategy.

Situationally DEF Up alone can be very powerful. Certain CE and Servant combinations can drastically mitigate damage that doesn’t pierce DEF buffs. This is also why a whaled Jeanne is more effective than basic Jeanne. Being able to maintain 2x 25% DEF Up is no joke when you can keep her NPing.


I agree with the second paragraph, but does the first paragraph include a 30% attack debuff, double 30% defense buff?


Ps, you know i like messing with ya…

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It doesn’t matter, really.

Even if it’s 500 damage off of 5k, that’s equivalent to a 10% DEF Up, which is a rather weak effect.

The higher your incoming damage, the less value Damage Cut provides.

If you’re able to mitigate damage low enough, you don’t need to care about Damage Cut.


Invuln would be my answer to the OP for sure.

While I like defense ups and the like, reality is that for higher difficulty content, it just doesn’t do anything unless you play with it cleverly. Keeping it always up or designing a team around defense up n stuff works, but it requires effort.

Alternatively, clearing content as quickly as possible means you just need defense less. Barring very niche CQs, why stall when you can just finish content?

Shoutout to the real damage mitigator: taunts. Taunt strats + all of the myriad wonderful on-death CEs can do SO MUCH for your team.


Reduced Atk > Solemn Defense > Defense Up > Invincibility > Evasion > Defense Cut

Atk debuff because it’s the only method not affected by buff clears. Solemn Defense next being Invincibility 2.0. Defense up because ignore invincibility/sure hit is more common than Def pierce. Then the rest are by general usefulness

I think Damage Cut is useful if you can’t push the raw DEF Up % to max. Good as a safety net if your DEF stacking has some unreliability to it, like Hans’ NP, but not enough to be useful on its own against mid to late game enemies.

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Damage Cut is excellent at countering chip damage from weaker attacks, where DEF Up can work poorly at the usual values since it’s % based. I would certainly agree that Damage Cut is a strong early game defense and part of why Waver is so amazing there with his defensive combo.

How about atk down plus crit down and np seal and skill seal and def up with an occasional heal? That’s fun.

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I really REALLY love defense up. from mash’s skill making you feel secure to def stacking with emiya alter, it just feels so good to take damage in 2-3 digits.


Party invul is too expensive, and of course it’s the best.

Invincibility eats NPs but teamwide defense buff/damage cut is better imo since it helps not get worn down by basic attacks

A case could be made for invul or defense/atk down but evade gets eaten alive lol

They all depend on the situation.

Defense is a blessing for Bezerkers when fighting bosses.

Party Inv is almost always directly responsible for saving the team from an OP OHKO AoE NP whereas most players cannot field enough units they like to provide 100% defense/attack down.

If Im against an ST enemy, I just field a DPS, a Support and a bunch of taunters. George + Bond CE = 4 turns 100% damage free, D’eon also has 3 turns of taunt, Leo gives you another turn, and Benkei gives one turn an also skill Seal. You can equip also all the taunters with NP on death CEs and Curse + NP Seal CEs. If the enemies can kill D’eon and Geo in one turn, I use Mash or another partywide def up to help them stay a few more turns in the field. Sadly, most times the enemies has AoE NPs.

In AoE situations I prefer to use a combination. I usually go with Merlin - DPS - 3T Taunter / Support1 - Support2 - Herc. So I keep the damage at bay with the taunter, let him die before first NP, and use Merlin AoE Invul to survive. Next NP, if Merlin’s invul isnt active, I MC Invul/Guts/Evade to protect him and let the DPS and Support1 die (unless they had some self protection tool). So for the final part of the fight its Merlin - Support2 - Herc. Usually being Herc the last standing with his Bond C, evade and guts skill.