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Hi! Im new to fgo like 2-3 months of playing and can anyone help me build a party setup for every type of card (quick art and buster) or if u have any suggestions on what to get servants on future banners for setups feel free to say them Thankss
Pretty much all of them are underlevel sorry
Here’s my list of servants

Welcome to the forums!

Quick teams: You have skadi, the best quick support. You can use the lancelot Berserker with double skadi, he is good for both farm and challenge quests. Achilles, rider ishtar and the valkyries also performs a function similar to Berserkerlot.

Art teams: You can use GilCaster + Mash + DPS. As DPS, you can use Nitocris to AoE; Medb Saber, Euryale or Robin to ST. Or get another DPS from the friend list.

Buster teams: Hans/Shakespeare + merlin + DPS. Hans if you want star generation or Shakespeare if you want NP charge and increase the buster card. As DPS, Tamamo Lancer if you want to kill a male enemy; Inferno or Emiya against saber enemies; and Jalter berserker against a single enemy.

The best banner for the rest of the year, wait solo waver to roll in the banner. He can be used in all teams, he is the most versatile support in the game:


Thankss i really appreciate it

If you want, i can add you to the friends list. I have some good servants. If you are interested, send me your friend code, please.

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685,658,213 here’s my friend code

I sent you a request. IGN: Lucas

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Any suggestion for dps in future banners?

This year, i would highlight Gilgamesh. He will appear in September, but you have Emiya and Inferno. I would recommend saving for the next year, there will be several great servants.

But, if you want to roll this year, this is a good banner:
It’s rare to appear a foreigner, and Abigail it’s very good.

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I would suggest skipping Abigail, if you want a foreigner Hokusai who comes back this new years is a better option.

Gilgamesh - gilfest in September
Archuria- late August, I would suggest her rate up with Martha Ruler
Shi Huang Di- dps tank of a Ruler, december
Eresh/Enkindu- Late or mid November or early December
The new year’s banners are packed with good servants, from Gil to Jalter to Hokusai and more. Benienmma also deserves a mention. So does old man Li Shuwen.

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Ok man thanks for the suggestions i was thinking abt should i roll for jalter or nah bc space ishtar gonna be released next year right? Not really sure

Rule of thumb for most players, roll for love.


Unless you want Jalter for love, I would suggest going for Space Ishtar. Jalter still has very high raw damage but in the break bars era where you can’t nuke everything in 1 turn she’s starting to fall off. Space Ishtar on the other hand is DSS farmer and can clear challenging content provided you can support her, of course the support part is true for Jalter too especially in the current content.

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Also this, if you like a servant go for them, they may not be “meta” but this is a waifu / husbando collector.

Tomoe is best Archer, and no one can change my mind, no matter how many people say she’s “just okay.” :smiley:

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Hoy, welcome to FGO!! For rolling, just prioritize waver. This game is usually waifu simulator, since a lot of its content has been cleared by friend solos. This means 0 investment to enjoy the story, except one optional singularity. So you’ll usually roll for waifus, or servants that make farming for your waifus less of a headache lol. There’s plenty of good servants, and the best rolls in the future would be waver(Zhuge Liang), Arjuna alter, and nero bride. Wanna only get waver as a gameplay roll? That works.

Your roster seems good, even if underleveled. Nitocris, arash, Spartacus are a really good idea to raise. Why these three? Well, other options are there too. But in a month, Battle in New York will give you a lot of mats and embers and other goodies, provided you can farm it enough. It will massively boost your roster. Check the wikia link to see the quests (not the challenge ones, you can friend solo 4 of them anyway) and build teams for the best 3 nodes(The ones with romulus, Musashi, Danzo). This will make farming less of a chore, and will be a massive boost to your account.

Edit: Here’s something that should help. In fgo story, you usually just use whatever, the fights are a bit tough at times, but you don’t have to focus on card type if you don’t want to. Plus, if you ever run into difficulties, Hong has made a full friend solo guide. Even low rarity runs take raising, but this Playlist is mostly zero investment, “Borrow from your friend stuff”. If your own team can’t clear, this Playlist will save your sq from revives.

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Level up your Arash and Spartacus and their battery skills for Farming nodes until your Skadi’s skills are high enough for NP looping. Overall just level up your servants and your good to go.

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