Parvati vs Berserkerlot

Yes, another Free SR question. I’ve got a pretty solid lineup with most of the heavy hitters (Nitocris, Heracles, Saberlot and so on) so it’s really down to how I start investing in Quick options.

I don’t have a Zerkerlot and the Fate/Zero roll is after the Skadi summons so there’s potential for NP2/3 there. On the other hand, even an NP1 is probably more consistent assuming it’s bad rolls for the reast of the year.

So, what’s the recommendation out of those two? For signiature supports right now I’m just missing Waver.

gp is just reddit with horrible ui design tbh

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Zerkalot at np1 is pretty awful except for starbomb. But with potato np damage, it is easy to end up with the starbomb at the tail end of his wave rather than ready to crit down the next. Crits are still awesome. But at np2 he starts being a powerhouse.

Parvati np1 isn’t much better on nuking power, but doesn’t need nearly as much help looping. By herself and 2004 mc, I can nearly get a loop off an np brave chain. Imagine that with a single skadi…let alone 2.

But zerkalot can clear more enemy types by never relying on neutral damage… :woman_shrugging:

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You can always use the next ticket to Np2 whoever you choose and they both meme with Skadi so choose whoever you like best :fgo_umu:

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I thought reddit was reddit with horrible ui design