Passion Lip Act 3 arrow 3, RIP me. Advice pls (Cleared)


What to do haha ._. I got her to 208k with Cu alter support. Is there a better option for supp?

My team is Mash lvl 70/ Nero bride lvl 60 / David level 50 / Cu level 51 / Melt lvl 50

Nvm, rngsus helped me in the 4th run.


Uh, what’s the rest of your team looking like?


I used Mash with Merlin and Tristan, and my frontline never died. I used Merlin for extra health, star, and NP regen, crit buffs on Tristan and tanking her NP. I think Tristan works better than David because he can remove buffs and charge his own NP and he has Harp of Healing like David. Stack defense buffs with Mash if both invuln options are down and focus on keeping your support alive. I think David should work just fine, but will need to compensate for slower NP gain.


No tristan for me Though >.>. but ty ^^


80 percent np scathach with a 20 percent boost servant to break lip’s breakbar on first turn. That should fix most of the problem as her np gain is only for the first breakbar.

Her np doesnt even kill max level servant so bringing mash or something could help.

I had scathach merlin and enkidu to help but I not everyone has that option.


I forgot about scathach o.o She does crazy dmg most of the time… thanks for reminding me. I might get her as supp next time i hit a wall


when in doubt
always arts meme


This was my setup, I can’t remember who I chose as support and I ALMOST lost before the first break bar but yeah I was actually kinda surprised I pulled it off first try. Mashu defense buffs are STRONK, there was a point I was taking 0 damage to Merlin on crits. Once I got the defense train rolling it was smooth sailing


Clean with my Okita+ Scathach ( stun her + Anti-Divine DPS)

Buff from BB Slot : 3000 HP/turn for us

1 or 2 turn i use Scathach NP for instant depop her first bar

When Scathach use her NP you can regen 3000 hp without taking damage,potentially allowing you to not die


Cleared with Martha… I see sakura faced servant and all I think off is how to go in fast, hard and strong while delivering Iron fist of judgement.

Frontline - Mash, Martha, Merlin.
Backline - David, Emiya, Tamamo(for bond point)

Mash def up + NP buff is what make me survive her NP twice… even to Merlin, Lips NP deal only around 10k damage.


Do remember to equip chocolat CE from the valentines event.
Adds 30% divine damage. And, Passionlip is divine.
It made a big difference for me.
Cleared with Musashi, Tamamo, Tristan, Mash, Merlin and Arthur (proto) (single target knight would be better tho).


Battle ends with 0 dmg, lol.

Btw, how about your servants skill?, still underleveled?. Because mash with 1st skill at 10&NP already enough to deal with melt NP.


Somehow I feel the fight is harder than anything in Camelot / Babylonia or Solomon. Had to use 1 command seal to down the last bar with less than 100 hp on my herc :fgo_illya:


I borrowed a bond 10 Herc and managed to knock her down after having Tamamo Lancer, Orion and Okita manage to last until nearly the end of her second break bar. That Resist buff she gets after her first break bar goes away was rather disheartening, I would have won otherwise without losing my front row…


Today is my 19th day about 20th for login streak. so >.> I am a new player… when i looked back to the events …It feels bad man… haha but welp
so no valentine CE T.T
But thankfully cu alter did the job, I just needed to keep him alive.


That is how my skills are atm o.o


Wait, you can move support to sub-member ? :scream:


Line up XD and just drag it with ur finger :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn i feel like a noob scrub for taking 6 attempts to finally clear. Then again i was being quite the tryhard by refusing to use CS.

Damn im really surprised you pulled that off with those levels. Did you use command spells? How exactly did rngsus save u?


Here is the funny thing… haha the first try I used one command spell and failed so i was like mmm I’ll just save my command spell and keep trying hard ._.

The evade buffs saved me. Cu alter evade, a support Cu alter NP2 skills 10/10/10
plus the evade from the Mystic code, and David’s evade plus rngsus helped me on times i didn’t have evade on him. But on all NP from Passionlip i had either evade or shield from mash at the beginning.