[Passion/Nito Tank team] Your opinion

As the title says, i’m developing and testing a defensive/offensive tank team and i would like you to help me find strong points and weak points.

First of all, the aim of this team is that few servants do the real damage, the others instead act as tanks/support members.

But with support i mean tanks that are able to do some damage. Not tank that are useful only in order to absorb damage.


Georgious (for obvious reasons) NP5 level 80 maxed skills. MLB CE: the one that gives +20% defense

Ibaraki (main damage dealer) NP1 level 80 maxed skills. MLB CE: Prisma Cosmos. (10 NPGauge each turn is nice, in game this combined with art cards allow Ibaraki to do like 2 NP in 9-10 turns. Even less many times)

Passionlip (Second Tank/Healer/Damage dealer) NP4 level 70. NP4 means that her NP can heal my party of 6000 hp and it’s not so hard to bring her to max gauge.

The team works like this: Georgious tank for 3 turns, then there are 2 turns of cool down. The first one is covered by Passionlip’s taunt. The second turn Ibaraki uses her defense skill and absorb all the damage allowing her to survive 1 turn. At that point, Georgious can do again the 3-turn taunt.

In the mean time, Ibaraki with Demonic Nature of Oni buffs the party’s attack. Ibaraki and Passionlip works on using buster card and art cards to gain NPgauge and dealing damage.

When Ibaraki can use the NP, i wait until the enemy buffs itself then i use the NP to damage it and debuffing it.

When one of my 2 tanks dies, the REAR PARTY comes to play.


Merlin (support from other players). His party invincibility skill act as a shield for ibaraki. Or, if i want to heal my party, i use Passionlip’s taunt and then i use Merlin’s invincibility skill. Enemy will attack only Passionlip and her NPGauge will increase.

Then, Merlin boost greatly the performance of both Passionlip and Ibaraki (both are buster servants).

Kintoki Rider NP5 level 1(still in training) CE : Fragment of 2030. I use him as a critical star generator. Combined with the CE he should create enough stars that even Ibaraki can use it. Or if Ibaraki is dead…Kintoki will be able to crit very often.

Last party member (for now is Enkidu, but after this summer…) Nitocris Assassin.

The aim is having at last a party of Merlin / Assassin Nito / Kintoki Rider.

The damage should be great thanks to critrical hits.

What do you think?

Not really much to say. Enemies with AoE standard attacks might pose a problem but other than that this is just kind of a normal CQ team. But like most teams, everything will depend on what exactly you’re facing. Obviously when foreigner gets introduced, berserker DPS won’t be quite as viable.

Everything else? Sure, this team has all its bases covered.

Well, Agartha showed me a weakness: enemyes that debuff your servants.

Since my party relies on Taunt and Defense up for Ibaraki, constant debuffing simply destroy my Front Line.

Foreigners…well, i have also a BB, Avenger Gorgon NP2, Avenger Hessian Lobo NP1 For beating Rulers

And Melty NP2 / Sessoyn Kiara NP1 for Foreigners.

I can use one of these servants instead of Ibaraki in these kind of battles.

What is a CQ team? I started today visiting the forums, so i do not know if there are already premade partyes or general rules / terms, and such.

I follow my game experience , trial and error.

CQ team = challenge quest team. The structure of your team basically follows the typical structure which would be suggested for harder content i.e. two supports + one main DPS. You have both backup supports and DPS servants and this comp would be decent enough in the majority of difficult content in my eyes.

It’s good to tailor your team towards the battle you’re attempting but overall it seems to be a strong team. If I was worried about anything with this team it would be the lack of frequent burst damage and not the highest raw damage. There are possibly faster clearing comps you could use but, as I said before, that depends on the fight you’re challenging.

Oh, thank you for the info.

Well, i like defensive / offensive gameplay, so that’s why i purposely sacrificed damage.

I rely on both Passionlip and Ibaraki to deal damage (mostly). But this is by no mean a party that can clear fast any kind of quest.

I need no less than 12-13 turns usually to clear quests. I know that, should i bring my Gorgon / Quetzcoal / Saber alter / Lancelot saber , i could clear the quests more fast.

But at the cost of durability and defence.

And i enjoy clearing quest keeping alive the most possible number of servants.

As I said, it’s a strong team. No doubts about that. It’s also flexible enough to allow servants to slot in when it might not be the ideal situation for your main.

Yeah, like ACE said, its a good team for tackling hard boss fights. FGO isn’t the kind of game where one comp beats all though. It’s good to have options and flexibility, which it looks like you do.

I don’t think debuffs should be a huge issue for you, Ibaraki can cleanse her own debuffs and there’s a mystic code that can clear debuffs as well. Alternatively, take a support Jeanne instead of Merlin. She has a team-wide debuff removal.

As you said, the biggest flaw is that this comp is kind of slow. As you become more experienced, you’ll likely start to play with comps that can kill quickly and efficiently. 90% of content in FGO is just farming the same node over and over again for drops which is where you want to find a team that can clear things in under 5 turns.

Oh, well i already have a farming party.

Arjuna / Saber Alter / Gorgon / Tamamo Cat. With 3 Kaleidoskope for starting 80% NP Gauge.

Add a Merlin to increase attack and NP gauge with his first skill and i have all my AoE NP fully charged in Turn 1

You got it all covered man !

You’re mixing up level and overcharge. Np4 increases the attack power of the np, overcharge increases the healing. And you were looking at post strengthening np, which isn’t available in NA til next year.