Passionlip Potential


How to use and bring up potential of passionlip?
Is it worth to np 2 or more?


As Alter Ego she is strong against Assasin, Rider, Caster and Berserker. Deal less damage to saber, lancer, Archer
And everyone deals neutral damage to her.

Her biggest strength comes from her kit which makes her a very tanky servant. Her NP overcharge effect also heals the team.
You usually take her to mixed nodes to protect the more squishy allies.

For me she is waifu so i am definetly gonna get her.

Aside of that Part 2 has Kiara who is good at debuffing enemies.

So really it matters if u need a great tanker or not.


Hello to you

I’m an active user, and passionlip is more or less my main party member when facing the unknown. The girl’s NP4 right now, on Lv 80, max level on all skills and full gold fous on both ATK and HP. If there is anything I can say about her, that would be about how valuable she is as a tanker. Her NP damage isn’t really much, and it’s pale in comparison to Kiara or Majin Okita. Her damage output is a bit above Mecha Eli, but you would do better rolling for someone else if what you need is someone with good dps.

To maximize her potential, you can play on three things: 1) her ability to take as many hits as possible so her NP will build up fast and your other party members will take less damage, 2) tinker with her basic defense multiplier so she will be EVEN THICKER, 3) contrary to what everyone believes, raise her star gen. These threes are ordered based on where you put her in the party, and the latter she comes out, you can use the later the option you should use.

Passionlip raises her NP bar fast despite having three buster cards, so a good combo with star generators means she will have higher chance to land critical hit, pretty much just like Gawain. While her 3rd skill isn’t really a priority, her first two skills are critical and guaranteed to save the lives of many when combined.

Because she is a buster-oriented servant, you will need Merlin more than the others, and either Skadi or Tamamo is a fine enough choice if your goal is survival and the enemy you are facing isn’t using AOE attacks.

Worth for NP2 or more? My answer is “not really.” What you need from her NP is her overcharge effect, but charging her up to 500% potential is a big waste at most situations. Unless you don’t have better party wide healers, you don’t need her 500% potential. Her damage multiplier isn’t that big, so you ought to spend your quartz on something else once you hit NP3.

P.S.: Necromancy is also recommended for her, and I’m not joking about this.