Patra hates me

So, halloween is upon us once more.

And so we hear the joyous sounds and merry making abound all around us, except I’m not merry at all. NOT AT ALL.

Holloween 2018 was one of the first events I was able to play when I started playing last year, meaning I was the starry eyed, hope-filled noob that everyone goes through when they’re new to gacha games. (a thousand rolls into the game made me lose faith in humanity… WHO CAME UP WITH THIS GACHA SH*T!!!)

Anyways, so there I was rolling my guts out, praying to the rngods to give me a freaking Assassin. My prayers were answered, but the answers were something along the lines of “Tough luck kid, bettee luck next time.”

A year goes by and here we are…
Still no Cleopatra… No assassins…

Should have just saved for the next shuten banner…

I now have 15 SSRs, NONE OF THRM ARE ASSASSINS… Is there some sort of assassin curse on me?


Son, all my SSRs belong to the Knight Class. I don’t have a single Cavalry class SSR

It happens


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May I please take a look at your roster?

I haven’t even the slightest idea how to transfer pictures from my phone to the computer and upload them here


I don’t really have a clue tbh. For a while when I started playing I had only Calvalry class SSRs but that didn’t last too long. At least there are some low-rarity assassins that are really good… I don’t really know what to tell you

The kara no Kyoukai event will be getting a rerun next year

I’ve been for a year + now 11 ssrs none are cavalry sooo yeahh 700 over sq spent on nero bride btw

I’ve been playing +500 days now (F2P). I have 10 SSRs, and none of them are Lancers.

2 Sabers - Arturia (NP3), Okita
1 Archer - Moriarty
2 Riders - Ozymandias, Drake
1 Caster - Merlin
1 Assassin - Jack
1 Extra - Kiara

I didn’t even have any SR Lancers except welfare Santa Lily until this month and last (Lalter and Fionn, respectively). That’s just the way the gacha is. Some classes pour out in abundance, and others refuse to show up.


No SR assassins on my end either. It’s not just you, they hate me too. Rolled the assassin banner to get one, got Doggo Avenger. Twice in the same roll.

Didn’t have him, but still. The rest of my rolls were mostly for Illya. No Illya.

Ah this happened to me to my fellow master.
In my first 6 month of play I had no rider. Not 1. Not even close. Only my Medusa 3* stood with me . Then I chose to roll on rider gssr. Drake (my favourite servant ) ozy, quetz e Medb. I got Medb. I was so deam happy. And you know what? My curse was broken, and even since then I got quetz, drake and another Medb. And not only that, in 1 year of play I now have over 20 ssr. Medb is truly generous with me because I have reunited her with cu alter.
So roll in the gssr.

P.s.: Cleo was my second ssr

Oof. Definitely feel this one. For the longest time I only had Summer Scath and a Carmilla from last year’s SR Ticket, who I bit the bullet for just so I could have another solid Assassin (but have warmed up to since). The Assassin game is an elusive one, as fitting of one. Thankfully, we’ve been getting some good ones this year, and Shiki’s re-run is fairly early next year too.