Pay to Play : Shadow Raids

Pokeminers had found shadow raids.

It needs raid tickets :tickets:.

I saw that a bit earlier. I’ll wait for more details before I have a full opinion, but for now, I’m just hoping that this feature is fun and interesting.

In principle I’m very interested, I agree with @Jph914 we need more info but given there’s a rocket event a week today, I don’t think we’ll be waiting long. At this point, I differ, I love a bit of idle speculation.

In-keeping with the current Season of Push The New GoPlus+ the event is “Lets Go+ Team Rocket” so you can expect there to be some tie-in. I can’t expect it to be massively tied, as even Niantic isn’t myopic enough to limit it to GoPlus+ orders…are they? So, probably some sleep-based theme, Snorlax being the obvious one seeing as it’s the cover star of the advertisements so far, followed by the other sleepy/dream related pokemon like drowzee, slakoth, musharna etc

Theoretically…what I’ve briefly read doesn’t confirm the raid ticket is paid, it could be an extension of battling grunts; maybe a tier system for how many grunts you beat/radar pieces you get equates to a raid? 2=T1, 6=T3 etc. I can’t in truth, see the T5 being a legendary, it would be too much of an imbalance for the game - maybe Snorlax would max a challenging shadow T5.

At the other end of the scale, Niantic’s pledge bollocks means nothing and this might indeed be a money grab. I’ve always said I’d happily pay a little if it’s for a really useful, entertaining feature that doesn’t totally wall out others. If you have to “buy” the tickets, they should at the very least be coin rather than cash purchases. Seeing as it appears to be remote-able, it also seems a little too much for have to pay for a remote pass and then a ticket on top.

If it’s only for the takeover, or for more regular occasions, we’ll likely know by this time next week.

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GoHub have got details for the Rocket Takeover. No mention of shadow raids.

Maybe for GoFest then…

To be fair, there aren’t any 1 or 3 :star: raids. Maybe the missing 1 & 3 are the shadow raids. Just a thought…

Could be a tester to see how they’re received.