PC Emulators and Space on Dragalia Lost

So I have been searching the internet and so far all posts have been around 2018, so I’m going to ask as a player from 2020 - 2021. I really wanted to get into Dragalia Lost but my phone just could not handle the sheer amount of space it required. I have tried to move stuff around, be it Dragalia itself or other apps to the OVER 240 GB SD card I have, but it doesn’t fix the issue of the increasing space. I have also tried many emulator options like Nox, Bluestacks, and LDPlayer (Which I’m told is supposed to work), but I keep getting 160 connection errors and “device not authorized” (from enabling root) prompts. I have tried looking for methods to circumvent them but so far none of them have work. Does anyone know how to either move the entirety of Dragalia to an SD card or an emulator method that works? Or has Dragalia defeated me?

There’s an android os emulator for pc called bluestacks which should allow you to download dragalia lost without much trouble. After that, just link your nintendo account and you should be good👍

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