Pegasus Flight 3 help

I tried to understand but I couldn’t. I want to invest in my Heath. For there speaks of buff at the beginning of the fight and after. Can someone explain to me?

Simple: be fast and have a lot of res
Thats all you need to know really


It compares visible speed and res

Their speed can be 7 lower than their enemy’s otherwise it does nothing

Then compares visible res


Basically, do not use it on Heath lol


Basically want to be somewhat fast (no more than 7 lower Spd than foe) and really high res outside of combat (skill does not take into account skills like Swift Sparrow which are in combat)


I want to do it like this. Wouldn’t it work in the case?

I guess that could work ok

42 spd and 40 res is a good level for Pegasus Flight tbh.

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Thanks, so I’m going to start putting skills on it now.

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