Pegasus Flight on Florina?

Here’s my current Florina build:

QR works well enough, since she’s mainly EP and lacks the speed to double reliably.
But giving her the missing dragonflowers and ascending her Spd (which happens to be a superboon) results in 40 Spd… would that be high enough to make Pegasus Flight useful on her?

Thanks for you help :feh_annawave:


For EP, I wouldn’t go for Pegasus Flight.
I would keep QR on B and Atk/Def Form 3 on SS.
For this kind of build I believe her best IVs was +Def/-Res, that way you won’t have to waste DF on Res, being Def her 4th increased stat in order.
Atk/Res Oath 3 I would 100% change for Atk/Def Rein 3, since this skill (with QR3 on B) makes her matchup against F!Edel a consistent one, even if she’s +10, arena blessed and with floret +Atk +Def.


Since she is mostly EP, have you thought of Guard Bearing?

I think this would be my take on an EP build, focusing on Atk/Def


Definitely agree that guard bearing would work better on Florina. If you aren’t focusing on res then Pegasus Flight isn’t really gonna help that much. Especially since she isn’t a very fast unit. Also big respect for the commitment to a low tier.


First: thanks for preventing me to fodder my single Fiora! :feh_tobinice:

Second: I’m such an dumbshit! My Florina doesn’t even have Sturdy Stance - instead it’s Mirror Stance! So she’s more of a Mage/Dragon killer anyway :feh_sigurdfacepalm:
remind me to check my builds BEFORE emulating them in the online builder

I’ll go to bed now, maybe tomorrow I’m a little less rattled :catbed:

@Deryk_LazerBeem : I have ABSOLUTE commitment to Florina - she was one of my main carries in FE7 and also the first hero I really built in FEH… she deserves just the best now where do I get Guard Bearing from :feh_florina:

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Thanks for making this thread. I was actually thinking on building a Florina just for fun (something I very rarely do).

I remember she was really weak in my playthrough. I guess I didn’t really give her enough love during Lyn’s campaign.

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Did you get S!Ingrid from the manuals 2? She comes with GB.

Also I think mirror stance is very specific on her as she would only benefit from it while fighting dragons on EP… too niche. She would be better with Distant ward in any case


Ahem… you mean THAT S!Ingrid manual I foddered to my NY!Anna for Sturdy Impact and… Odd S Wave? :feh_dozlashock:


Peg flight might be hard to pull off in competitive. Too much powercreep BS makes those skills too inconsistent. If it’s just for fun like PvE or something, sure, why not?

Also if I could suggest courtly/stout lance as an alternative? You’d get the DR effect like with guard bearing. And if you did end up going peg flight she could stack res easier with an inheritable. :thinking:

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