Penthesilea and Jeanne Berserker composition

I’m looking for a good damage dealing Team for Story Quests and Challenge Quests.

In JP my pool of servants is very limited, but today i got a Penth spook. She, even if NP1, added to Jeanne Berserker NP5 are both good berserkers.

Then i have also Okita assassin that, bad as may be, can generate stars like Jack. So a support, maybe?

Then there is the friend option for a Waver o Merlin, obviously.

I have olso 2 x 2030 CE , and a Prisma cosmos and a few black grails and 1 kaleidoscope

In your opinion what could i do?

I was thinking:

option 1 --> Georgious - Penth - Jeanne berserker

option 2 - Jeanne berserker - Merlin - georgious --> rear Penth and Okita

option 3 --> Penth - georgious - Okita assassin --> use okita to create stars then crit with penth, georgious is rider but there are so many stars that everyone get their share.

There’s really no “one size fits all” team comp unless you’re running double Skadi memes. Class advantage is key and you should be playing around it most of the time.

Tho if you really want to use your zerks, it should be in something like option 2, use George and Merlin to keep your zerk alive and go ham. Zerks have atrocious star weight so George would actually steal away all the stars in option 3.

For CEs, just slap k-scope on your dps and charge them to full with Merlin whenever you want to nuke anything, give George his bond CE or battle of camlann to help charge nps.

Penth is a good choice for the Black Grail if her second skill is at least 6.
On NA I use her to kill the third waves boss but it is less useful if you don’t know what you will face.

Arash, Spartacus/x suitable servant with K-scope, Penth, support Waver and a Shakespeare.
With that build (and a Ox-demon King) my Penth has hit for 247k at np1 which is a fair bit more than most normal enemies without breakbars.

Something else to consider is that Leonidas might be a better option for meatshield.
He has lower star weight, can create stars with his np and has a buster buff that works for both Penth and Jeanne.
Only problem is that his skill only lasts one turn so you need to get his NP off as soon as possible.

Also you shouldn’t forget Chen Gong. A defence buff+battery, targetable taunt and a Buster/crit buff made for berserkers can do wonders.
Leonidas (K-scope), Chen Gong (2030) and x-zerker might work for non-large enemies. Add in a Merlin in the backrow as a safety net and you should be fine… discounting buff removals.

The Chen Gong idea is interesting!
About buff removal, i shiver thinking about the assassins of Agharta. Those women’s NP stripped a servant of all kind of defence buffs. And they do this each 3 turns.
My party at the moment is not suited to face them. Also, i’m still in Camelot

Chen Gong is a very interesting servant that has many uses though I mainly use him for his synergy with Arjuna Alter.

Still the defence and targetable taunt really works well with both of Georgius and Leonidas. At max skill that can be one turn of downtime. Leonidas is a bit more unreliable given how heavily he leans on the NP.
Still if the meathsield can survive 5 turns then that is a nice window to kill the enemies.

Hmm. Georgius, Kiritsugu and Tamamo could have 100% upkeep on taunts. Might have to see if that is viable or if Georgius will die before then.

Murasaki is a good counter to them, I think she has trait bonus on her first skill and NP, her def buff prevents buff removal and she is a Caster.

Edit: Seems I was wrong about the traits… odd given how hard Murasaki hit.