People who have given L!Leif CC Vantage

Was it worth it?

I’m now up to a W!Tharja (who I’d fodder) plus 2 extra Duo Alphonse. So it might be time to give L!Leif CC, since when I first got him I didn’t have the extra fodder like I do now.


@Petra.286 probably has anyways. Idk about other people.

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Duofonse has Spiral, doesn’t he?

I’d probably fodder him to someone that can actually use his B skill.

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I’d fodder the W!Tharja and save the 2 extra Duo Alphonse as manuals for now.


I use him with Vantage, but not CC. He works well, but when ranged units with high defense show up he kinda struggles. He works way better with DB4 and Lull A/D kits to maximize damage.

It was worth it, he has taken out almost entire AR teams when in Vantage range. But then again, I do have a lot of merges and max DF so your results may vary.

Even so, he’s arguably one of the best CC+ Vantage units as he is guaranteed to attack twice, has incredibly high attack, and will debuff after his first attack if you’ve kept defense smoke on him, increasing his damage output even more. His bulk is good enough to take that first hit from a magic or physical unit to get into Vantage and Brazen range.


I’d hold off on foddering duo alfonses even with extra copies for a unit that wants both cc and ss. Plenty of units other than kronya could use both, just not both with the same build typically.

I use him a lot and have tried basically three builds with him after foddering winter tharja and duo ephaim -strictly player phase with HB4+lull atk/def+sturdy blow, cc+vantage, and a split zeal/vantage one with atk/res push and no CC. All are good, but the best for AR imo is the mixed phase vantage build. The flexibility of having a unit with vantage, 3 move 2 range with a dual phase brave and high atk to snipe annoying units, AND galeforce is really tough to top, and no other unit can even come close to offering it all.

I’d fodder the W!Tharja to L!Leif, the extra Duo Alfonse would be saved as manuals. And I more just mentioned that it’s not like I’d be foddering my last extra CC for Leif if I did give it to him.


I don’t regret giving mine cc because I like to fodder units in general, but I admit, I don’t use his cc build very much compared to the other two. I’d probably keep his base kit, give him vantage, and see if you really find yourself wanting to counter melee vs just taking them out on his player phase.

CC makes him undoubtedly more versatile, but you’re sacrificing PLENTY of damage to do it. I’ve tried a couple different sets but I keep coming back to his native Atk/Res Push because it gives him so much more punch + an easy way to get into Vantage range. You will so often come up against high-DEF armors that the extra damage is a big deal (abandon hope against Nagi, though).

Imo he’s one of the best CC Vantage units in the game. Top 3 for sure, if not number 1. I use him in AR whenever it’s water season. Cav movement + ranged Brave weapon + 3 CD Galeforce is absolutely amazing.

Don’t use him. He is giving me PTSD on defense.

Jokes aside, he is really good. His only qualm is being Legendary, which means that you have to construct a team that is independent of Mythic seasons.

But I use a team of the Micaiahs, Yune, Sothe, plus bonus unit for my AR defense. Not even because it’s necessarily that good but for the thematic part as Tellius has far and away my favorite FE cast.

I mean when I am defending against LLeif. He’s such a pain in the rear to deal with.

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