Peperoncino Appreciation

Note: LB4 and previous spoilers are fair game - if you are reading, it is assumed that you have played LB4 or aren’t concerned about being spoiled. Please do not discuss, allude to, or vaguely hint towards LB5+ information.

I found Pepe to be a breath of fresh air and a surprisingly deep antagonist:

It’s also very fitting that we get him during US Pride month.

  • Most of us assume that camp=queer and vice versa even though this is hardly the case for everyone, but Pepe’s dialogue definitely plays up the implication.

  • Camp characters are so often played only for laughs (or else they are dying tragically like in 80s and 90s drama), but Pepe is scarily competent, can be taken seriously, and is portrayed as having depth.

  • No one in the story makes a big deal about his camp persona. There are no cringey come-to-Jesus moments or after-school special epiphanies that reduce him to an acceptance billboard. He simply is, and that’s awesome.

  • On a non-Pepe note, one of the villagers in the English localization very specifically avoids gendering the lover she believes she has lost, which implies to me that she believes they could have been of any/either gender.

Pepe, what is your secret to being so interesting?


Really liked Pepe. Other Crypters went over my head like : ‘‘Heh’’ to me. Not terrible, but not terribly interesting either.

Pepe on the other hand, was a joy to see through. I was legit looking forward to every scene he was in. It might have to do with the whole ‘‘He stood with us the entire time’’ that got us to know him and his motives by a huge margin, compared to the other ones whomst we only saw glimpses of during cutscenes where they were far away.

Still a nice breath of fresh air ; very appreciated. :fgo_ereshhug:


I love pepe. Very happy he gets an appreciation
It is perfect to give him a nod during pride month and being lgbqt community myself, I really like when characters like him can be showcased.
He wasn’t cringe worthy nor was it ever brought up about his obvious preferences.
Dude has a wonderful personality complete with flamboyance that makes him entertaining in every scene.
Quite different from the other crypters who were seemingly a little edgy and had a slight hint of depression to them, not pepe. Guy is just outgoing, quite cunning and seems to be of high intellect given some of his scenes.
He completly stole the show here for the most part and I really look forward to more interactions from him in the future.


When LB4 was released in Japan I wasn’t a FGO player but I saw a random image of him online. I knew nothing about Pepe and, to be honest, I hated his design. I thought “Oh, of course. A flamboyant gay man in a japanese game, original” but he grew on me a lot and he’s definitely my favorite crypter (for now, at least)

I know it’s not a possibility but I would definitely summon for him if I could :fgo_pepelaugh:


@Hrafn if they ever do a demi servant of pepe given his obvious design ques
Stardust crusaders needs to play in his np opening
Just throwing that out there hoping someone at dw reads these


Pepe was a fun change of pace and definitely feels like the most relatable. They have a relatively simple outlook without being shallow and struck me as being both loyal and trustworthy in their own way. I still probably like Yu better as a Crypter, but that’s because she was always on her own side from the outset and has good reason for her resentment(ultimately she just wanted to be left alone which I can relate to).


I had been prepared not to like Pepe as much because I fully expected the fetishized Japanese gay character, but obviously he managed to impress me.

Sometimes I don’t want to like these characters because I feel like I am being stereotyped, but I’ve realized that isn’t always fair of me. It’s not like perfectly real people aren’t ever “camp.” It’s much more about the whole character.


I think Pepe is one of the most interesting characters we’ve gotten.


What you wrote feels more like “Peperocino being queer appreciation” than anything but if it what you appreciated in him I’ve got nothing to complain about.
Anyway , I really liked his bubbly personnality and some of his lines that were quite funny.
He was also an interesting antagonist because he is the first one that actually seeks “our” help since the beginning and we actually get to travel through the lostbelt with him as an ally.Thanks to this , we got to see a lot more of personnality and background as well as his relationship with mash.All this made me really “attached” to him more than any other cripter or side character of this lostbelt (whereas in lb 2 I grew a lot more attached to gelda than ophelia ).On a side note I think that you are overthinking what the woman said , even though I don’t remember the very words she said , I think that her speaking ‘‘genderlessly’’ was due to her being lost and not being able to even figure out if this “person” existed , let alone gendering it.I could be wrong on this but if it was really intentionnal that would be quite sad …
To conclude , Pepe was a really well written character and my 2nd favorite out of the first four crypters (my favorite being yu mei-ren ).


Mad props to Pepe for immediately yelling at the MC after pulling this shit:

I hated being forced into this lol

He’s been an absolute delight though. I do enjoy how he has an underlying competent threat/danger to his background beneath his friendly, campy exterior, and he’s pretty upfront about where his allegiances lie. He’s quite nuanced and I really appreciate that.


I think this mostly comes from when there isn’t a cis-presenting gay character as a foil (and, even more rarely, when they don’t fall into typical yaoi stereotypes). When you have the entire community represented as one character, stereotypes have a way of getting exaggerated like this.

DW still has a lot of work to do, but this is a nice step in the right direction.


Pepe has a lot more personality than Ophelia and Akuta while he is also really fun. Pus he never lied to MC about his allegiance, MC was just dumb.

But we disagree in some things...

No, she is just awful, even if she is much better in this LB thanks The Most Glorious and Majestic Heavely Emperor’s effect on her.

Anyway, back to my point, Pepe is kind of like Blackbeard in the sense that he hides his true abilities through his personality, even if his persona seems to be genuine, which is a very smart move and goes back to what part of his powers are: knowing himself.

He is probably my favorite of the Crypters so far, character wise I mean since Akuta’s 1st ascension just has a much more appealing design to me.


I figured they used lover bc she can’t remember if they were married to use the term for that or if they dating, just sleeping together, or what.

Lover is the word that would fit for any of those regardless of the full relationship and lover is just gender neutral.

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Imo Pepe is actually the most normal/human Crypter we have encountered so far.

Kadoc is just a walking inferiority complex.
Ophelia is the cliche maiden-in-love character (still worked in story).
Akuta (in lb3) is a bit too clumsy and obviously not human.

And then there’s Pepe, just a person with very relatable thought process (minus the whole amazing kill machine thing). Doesn’t like the lb king? Just walk away. Also incredibly upfront about everything. He didn’t have to entertain us and tell us his real name, but he did because (I’d like to think) he is friends with the chaldeans. He didn’t stab Ritsuka in the back when he could have at any time, even though he’s always going to fulfill his responsibilities as a Crypter. In a way he’s more human than Ritsuka :fgo_casgilworry:


I think there’s nothing wrong in characters who act and look like Pepe, and I’m sure there are many irl people who relate to him, I’m just a bit tired to see the same “archetype” of gay man in every japanese game/anime I play or watch

Everytime I play a game who has LGBT romance options I know that the gay male option will have an androgynous look or a flamboyant personality. And again, nothing wrong with that, but it’s a bit boring. The latest Fire Emblem game had 3 bisexual male characters: an androgynous slim guy, an androgynous sassy guy and a psychopath. Meanwhile the bisexual girls had different designs. I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw a gay/bisexual character with muscles or a beard in a videogame :catroll:

At least they’re interesting and not disrespectful characters. That’s a lot


They used the singular “they,” which stands out because it’s unusual in the medium except when referring to genderless characters like QSH. Hence the implication.


I didn’t go into exhaustive detail about everything Pepe did in the story, but his presentation and the coincidence with Pride month was fun and noteworthy, since you brought up the point of my talking about it.

I’d suggest reading the localized dialogue for the female villager again if you’re curious. It was a very deliberate-seeming neutral “they.”

I liked pepe much more than expected. I don’t care for his design so much, some of his extreme facial expressions are cringy for me. But well rounded, understood many of his motivation and much more engaging than say kadoc and his sob story :fgo_kadocsob:

Also nice that he was treated like a person instead of judging based on presumed bedroom company preferences. Whether you agree with that lifestyle or not, it doesn’t mean that you should judge someone does in normal interactions


I appreciate Pepe for what he is. There are very few camp characters I like, and I would actually be hard pressed to find one from a Japanese developer that I really liked before this, I have seen some good representation in some Western games, not often but at least some, but for whatever reason and maybe its a cultural thing but Japanese representation of this character type tend to make me want to slam my head against a wall. Even Persona 5 which was my game of the generation handled camp badly. Besides I always found camp gay to be the laziest of stereotypes, I have never met anyone who identifies as gay who conforms to that stereotype, they are probably some but they are so far and few between it shouldn’t be a sterotype. Heck all the most effeminate guys I know are all straight. All my problems with this character was his facial expressions made it too clear he was still going to be an antagonist at the end of the day. I wish they had played that part of him more subtle.

I actually like that everyone just treats his personality as just a normal thing as one of the best choices. Usually camp characters are used to point out that their behavior is abnormal but everyone treats it as totally normal for him, which is how it should be. It allows us to actually make an interesting character instead of just tossing comic relief onto them and calling it a day

It let’s the focus be on his unique interactions as a crypter and his moments of being surprisingly capable for a human. His unique viewpoint as to how he determines friend from foe, and some strangle enlightment style powers, kinda wondering if there is a Kiara or Sanzang subplot in the future on that.

Just came from Reddit and found something fitting.

But also not, I don’t hate Kadoc or Ophelia, even if they are a bit boring in comparison, while Akuta is interesting but still…

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