Perfect defense team

Ever since getting ibaraki wondered if one can get 100percent def up and dont have to worry about np of enemies.
The answer? of course, but you will take some 3 digit damage.
ps: It seems neet absolutely amazing at hermiting a.k.a. defending herself

For people who dont wanna see some numbers and team testing heres a few premade teams

İbaraki(80) + waver + any wave-clear servant
Nursery rhyme (80)+waver + Hans (crit synergy+def on np)

against females:
emiya alter(80)+squirtoria+ anyone(hans has synergy)
Moedred(80)+ bedivere/waver + merling (good against altria’s)

neet + anyone + anyone (neet can get 100 by herself by using her def skill and np’ing on the same turn)

First of all here’s ce options:
iron will 20%
Holy shroud of magdalene: against male 30%
Here’s your team-wide def up options on skills;
squirt king: 20% (for 3 turns) 6 turns cd
waver: 30% (for 3 turns) 6 turns cd
mash: 20% (for 3 turns) 5 turns cd
bedivere: 30% (for 1 turns) 5 turns cd
Servant that grant themselves extra 1 turn defense are the best option;
Osakabehime:30(3 turns)+30(1 turns) 5cd
Ibaraki: 30(3turns)+30(1turn) 5cd
nursery: 30(3turns)+30(1turn) 5cd
With these servants you get 60 defense for a turn,assuming you picked steel training all you need is one of the aoe defense givers to complete 100. If you want an offensive ce you will need 2 supports for it.

You can also use these servants against females for 100;
emiya alter 50(3times 5 turns) 5cd
mordred: 50(1turn) 6 cd

you can get 100 but switching and nps needed for the rest so wont recommend using these for perfect defense

georgios: 40(3turns) 5 cd
şehrazat: 40(2 turns) 6cd
vlad extra: 40(1turns) 5cd

you wont be able to clear waves but you can 100 these against females
vlad3: 30(3turns) 5 cd
KIYOHIME 30(3turns) 5 cd
mecha mk2: 30(3turns) 5cd


Some servants have defense up's on their np

osakahibime np 20 def for 3 turns
hans np 20/25/30/35/40 for 3 turns
jeanne np 5/15/20/22.5/25 for 3 turns
boudica np: 10/15/17.5/18.8/20 for 3 turns + 20/25/30/35/40 for 1 turn

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Mash, Waver, Tamamo, all with Prisma?

Kinda reminds me of soloing Arash CQ with Mash.

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dang forgot she had one. she gains 60 for 1 turn so with all defense skills popped;
mash/waver got 40 while tamamo got 100. since they can np loop easily 2 mash nps make the team reach 100/100/160

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Now we just need a Time Machine Noble Phantasm IRL to defend the player against succumbing to old age before the battle is resolved.


Yeah, the combo of Tamamo and Waver means a LOT of skill and NP stacking. If all you care about is capping-out your defense, that’s probably going to be your best bet. You should be able to fire Mash and Tammy’s NPs every other turn or so, assuming you don’t get unlucky with your arts chains. It should be pretty easy to get -2 turns off of the cooldown on both Waver and Mash’s defense buffs that way.

But yeah, the fight will last approximately sideways-8 turns with that setup…


We’re getting the Nightingale CE from the JTTW rerun


Stall is the best way to play. Since they’ve taken away Mash during the main story now and replaced her with a useless one time buster crit buff, I’ve been trying to work out what I can do instead. Most of my theory crafted comps seem to be using Waver/Merlin, Archuria, Tamamo. They can’t quite get up the insane amounts of defence that they could with Mash, but with so much NP charging and draining, it’s fairly rare for opponents to even get an NP off in the first place. Ozy also works very well for this, and Ozy/Merlin/Tama is probably the most consistent team I’ve ever found.

A few servants you’re missing from your skills and NP list though. Remember that attack debuffs also stack additively.


Ereshkigal 3: 20% for 3 turns, 6 turn cooldown.
Ivan skill 3: 20% for 3 turns, 6 turn cooldown.
Anastasia skill 2: 20% for 3 turns, 5 turn cooldown.
Cu Alter skill 1: 20% for 3 turns, 6 turn cooldown.
Robin skill 1: 15% for 3 turns, 5 turn cooldown.
Fuuma skill 1: 10% for 3 turns, 6 turn cooldown.


CasGil: 20% for 3 turns (AoE).
Semiramis: 20% for 3 turns (AoE).
D’Eon: 10-30% for 2 turns (AoE, level).
EMIYA: 10-30% for 3 turns (AoE, overcharge).
Euryale: 20% for 3 turns (ST).
CasGilles: 20-40% for 3 turns (AoE, overcharge).
Mozart: 20-40% for 3 turns (AoE, overcharge).
Mata Hari: 20-40% for 3 turns (AoE, overcharge).
Asterios: 20% for 6 turns + 40% for 1 turn (AoE) <- Totals 60%!
Darius: 10-30% for 3 turns (AoE, overcharge).
Orion: 20% for 3 turns (ST).
Paracelsus: 10-30% for 3 turns (AoE, overcharge).
Fion: 10-30% for 3 turns (AoE, overcharge).
Nightingale: 50% for 1 turn (AoE)
Edison: 10-50% for 3 turns (AoE, overcharge) <- Easily accessible with skill + Demonic Bodhisattva.
Shuten: 10% for 3 turns (AoE).
Penth: 10-30% for 3 turns (ST, overcharge).
Yagyu: 20-60% for 3 turns (ST, overcharge).
Sheba: 10-30% for 3 turns (ST, overcharge).
Fujino: 10-30% for 3 turns (ST, overcharge).

TL;DR, here are the standouts.

Ereshkigal skill 3: 20% for 3 turns, 6 turn cooldown.
Asterios NP: 20% for 6 turns + 40% for 1 turn (AoE) <- Totals 60%!
Edison NP: 10-50% for 3 turns (AoE, overcharge) <- Easily accessible with skill + Demonic Bodhisattva.

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After his 2021 interlude, Edison might have a genuine niche here actually. He can also give a targeted 30% def for 3 turns, and give skill cooldown. Throwing Edison in a team and and saving his NP for the enemy’s NP turn then letting him die might not be a terrible way of getting you rolling on some of the harder challenge quests.

wait, since servants dont have a "base def stat " inflicting atk down to enemy same as gaining def buff?

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Yep. Same for giving yourself an attack buff vs. giving an enemy a defence debuff. They also stack additively.


Edison works even now

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It should be noted that, while attack-down debuffs do work on the same section of the damage formula as defense-up buffs, debuffs are subject to resistance and cleansing, and are therefore less reliable. That being said, if you’re fighting a single boss, it’s hard to beat Yagyu Munenori for pure “You can’t damage me” memes.

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Now the perfect defense for the 5Head:

•David (skill seal)/merlin/ Quetz or servants with np drain
•Asterios/merlin/edison: meme.
•Asterios/Caligula/anyone: Super meme.

In the lostbelts every figth against single target servants is a joke that any 5* support can solo (boring) but against shit enemies like Ivan and you want to make them cry, use the skill seal/np drain/charm/stunlock.

•Paraiso has Seal,np seal np (very optimal)
• 2 Euryales: EZ Clap
• [Divine] 2 Enkidus : EZ Clap (Scathach is worse for this, she just nukes ppl)
• 2 Lancer medeas with Casgill as support (preferably with the 3 invincibility CE or def up)

That’s it, no boring 1 servant solos, no need to 3T (really why spend a lot of money to 3T a boss in a F2P game aside from farming) and u can meme the hell out of a boss.

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Mathematically, yes, though there are nuances, the biggest of which is probably that DEF down is subject to debuff resistance,