Perfect IV pokemon outside of Master League

I know having a perfect IV pokemon out of ML is more for collection but I was looking for your recomendations about my 100% IV pokemon that I considerate that could be useful in PVP even if the perfection is not the ideal IV for this usage.

100%IV pokemon:
Drifblim (actual CP 2212), it could be usefull in the UL
Nodiqueen (actual CP 2097), it could be usefull in the UL
Pidgeot (actual CP 1490), it could be usefull in the UL
Snubbull(actual CP 2042), it could be usefull in the UL
Altaria (actual CP 1145), it could be usefull in the UL
Alola Sandshrew , it could be usefull in the but UL or SL
Spinarak it could be usefull in the SL

Trevenant (14/14/14) Lucky … for UL or wait for another one, I have a prevolution with 2/15/14 (top 70 pvp for UL) but it will be a high invest and I should wait for a long time beacuse the lack of candies.
Shadow Oddish 14/15/15, perfect if purified, I was thinking in a purified Bellosom for UL

If you want to use them go for it, I use quite a lot of shinies even though they’re rubbish IV.

They won’t perform optimally but how many people play random/fun/themed spice teams and ultimately what’s the difference between that and using hundos?

If they fit into your teams then go for it, the hundos will also be a bit cheaper to get to the UL cap.

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Drifblim, Nido, Trevenant, and Snubull are for-sure. The different in performance versus the cost savings is a no-brainer to me. The Pigeot I’d honestly trash. Its 149CP, you’re better off maxing two or three legendaries for that cost. :money_mouth_face:

Personally, I often go for cheaper over optimal, that way I have more resources to spend towards getting more 'mon into fighting-shape! And really, what’s more fun: having an optimal blank that cost loads of $$$ or having several different ‘suboptimal’ ones to play around with? :balance_scale:


In my last season I played only up to level 20 to pocket the Elite TM in both my main and alt.

I mostly play ML except my alt also played a bit of UL, i

My alt had only one pokemon at level 50 (Garchomp) and two at level 40 (Therian landorus and Groundon). I called the team “Melmeltan slayer”.

My main had on paper a better team with level 50 Melmeltan, level 50 Garchomp and level 44 Dialga.

Anyway my point is both performed equally well, niantic assigned to both accounts exactly the same rating after reaching 20 (2218).

I have some possible explanations:

a) Your team does not matter much but your skill does?
b) Niantic just gives you a rating close enough to the next level so you can continue playing (I did not). I reached level 20 with 3 weeks to the end of the league and considered carrying on but…
c) Niantic rigges the battles depending on you squad to try keep you hooked

Yeah I use lot of Shinies on SL because I prefer them over a normal version with perfect PVP IVs

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That´s a good point also, save dust is more important because the second attack also is not cheap in most of cases.

Ups, my misteake it is 1490 CP :sweat_smile:

I think I will start working on them with Trevenant and Nidoqueen as priorities Nido because the lack of a poison in my team and trevenant because I like it alot the Ghost type pokemons :ghost:. Drifblim would be the next

Thanks for the help to everyone