Perfect IV pokemon outside of Master League

I know having a perfect IV pokemon out of ML is more for collection but I was looking for your recomendations about my 100% IV pokemon that I considerate that could be useful in PVP even if the perfection is not the ideal IV for this usage.

100%IV pokemon:
Drifblim (actual CP 2212), it could be usefull in the UL
Nodiqueen (actual CP 2097), it could be usefull in the UL
Pidgeot (actual CP 1490), it could be usefull in the UL
Snubbull(actual CP 2042), it could be usefull in the UL
Altaria (actual CP 1145), it could be usefull in the UL
Alola Sandshrew , it could be usefull in the but UL or SL
Spinarak it could be usefull in the SL

Trevenant (14/14/14) Lucky … for UL or wait for another one, I have a prevolution with 2/15/14 (top 70 pvp for UL) but it will be a high invest and I should wait for a long time beacuse the lack of candies.
Shadow Oddish 14/15/15, perfect if purified, I was thinking in a purified Bellosom for UL

If you want to use them go for it, I use quite a lot of shinies even though they’re rubbish IV.

They won’t perform optimally but how many people play random/fun/themed spice teams and ultimately what’s the difference between that and using hundos?

If they fit into your teams then go for it, the hundos will also be a bit cheaper to get to the UL cap.

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Drifblim, Nido, Trevenant, and Snubull are for-sure. The different in performance versus the cost savings is a no-brainer to me. The Pigeot I’d honestly trash. Its 149CP, you’re better off maxing two or three legendaries for that cost. :money_mouth_face:

Personally, I often go for cheaper over optimal, that way I have more resources to spend towards getting more 'mon into fighting-shape! And really, what’s more fun: having an optimal blank that cost loads of $$$ or having several different ‘suboptimal’ ones to play around with? :balance_scale:


In my last season I played only up to level 20 to pocket the Elite TM in both my main and alt.

I mostly play ML except my alt also played a bit of UL, i

My alt had only one pokemon at level 50 (Garchomp) and two at level 40 (Therian landorus and Groundon). I called the team “Melmeltan slayer”.

My main had on paper a better team with level 50 Melmeltan, level 50 Garchomp and level 44 Dialga.

Anyway my point is both performed equally well, niantic assigned to both accounts exactly the same rating after reaching 20 (2218).

I have some possible explanations:

a) Your team does not matter much but your skill does?
b) Niantic just gives you a rating close enough to the next level so you can continue playing (I did not). I reached level 20 with 3 weeks to the end of the league and considered carrying on but…
c) Niantic rigges the battles depending on you squad to try keep you hooked

Yeah I use lot of Shinies on SL because I prefer them over a normal version with perfect PVP IVs

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That´s a good point also, save dust is more important because the second attack also is not cheap in most of cases.

Ups, my misteake it is 1490 CP :sweat_smile:

I think I will start working on them with Trevenant and Nidoqueen as priorities Nido because the lack of a poison in my team and trevenant because I like it alot the Ghost type pokemons :ghost:. Drifblim would be the next

Thanks for the help to everyone

Actually I think theres a hidden mechanic pre-elo to matchups. I think its related to badges like my suspicion is “Ace Trainer” badge. So you are facing stronger accts on your main then alt. Getting about same record and elo.

That for sure not (at least not 100%, maybe it’s also a mixed algorithm), otherwise we wouldn’t all face so wildly bad players at the beginning of season. Could be just by accident as well, the number of matchups until rank 20 is quite limited. I just noticed that the matchups are weirdly distributed, seems like lvl-dependent: 1-5 (or 4), 6-9, 10-15, 15-19 (with hidden ELO already, I guess).

This season I started with 33/35 (45 Dialga, 50 Melmeltan & 40 Groudon) only playing in ML.

Then I started taking two minutes + to find a match and the system faced me with a lot of counters to my first pokemon (Zazian, Excadril & Melmeltan mostly).

Still rank 10 so I have a boring path to 20…


I’d believe there’s a hidden mechanic and it’s this, similar to pool sharks or those rigged games at tourist resorts:

  1. Initial success, get you playing and thinking you’re “winning”

  2. Turning the screw, start making your matches harder, a necessary link between 1-3 based on the “boiling frog principle”

  3. Purposely matching you badly more and more often, making you think you need to change your team.

Why I believe this is possible, certainly in niantic’s interest:

  1. Don’t trust big business

  2. Niantic never, ever explain their mechanics and have form for rigging the system

  3. Turning the screw will make people invest in other counters, whilst many won’t pay, others will buy star pieces, raid passes etc to farm the extra resources

  4. Same principle for premium passes in GBL - if people are playing for the reward pokemon, they might be inclined to start using the premium pass route as it rewards the pokemon for fewer wins once the matchups become less favourable

  5. As a good chunk of players will play to the ETM and stop, making it harder to get that rank means they’re playing longer and so there are more matches out there to stop long waits for battles to start.

3, 4 and 5 would also be fulfilled without any algorithm.

True, you would think billionaires wouldn’t bother to cheat the tax system because they’re already immensely rich, but they do.

In the same way I would absolutely believe niantic would rig the battles - they’re winning, but they want to win more. They’ve also never once released an actual in-game probability statistic in 6 years.

actuallly after reading Carodivides, it might be less a mixed algorithm than kick in at 10.
Considering how few wins you need at 1-10 it might be totally random then kick in to match stronger accounts

I actually notice a big difference in quality of matchups at 17

The quality goes up without question. Many noobs often stay below rank 15 first half of the season. (Funnily, i am the only one doing more than just a bit pvp in our, granted not very large, raid group - they usually get to 20 in the last two weeks)

The whole problem with the match fixing problem is that if you would make a player losse you would make another player win… or they would need us ot fight against a (Niantic)computer.

Which explains my 33/35 initial victories

Their algorithm “knows” the outcome of any battle. An experienced player will also tell you the outcome of a battle with high accuracy before it takes place (assuming both players know the basic mechanics of the game and play to win)

When I have not been playing candy crush for say 1 month on my return the computer is explicit ant tells me “just to get you hooked again here is a million advantages to do 20-30 levels in two days”. They can tamper with the system and they do.

Niantic rigs the battles, I would rig the battles if I was in their possition, how they do so is unclear.

Lol. Sorry, but that’s just weird. Such an algorithm would be WAY to slow. Niantic would rule the world if they could program such a thing. Even much simpler algorithms take forever for halfway reliable matchup recognition and here we speak of matching several dozens per minute - if not even more. And currently, battling starts more or less immediately.

I wouldn’t say the algorithm would be that difficult, nor does it need to be that complex. It takes several seconds to match you and we know that it matches people on ELO at later levels. So, all if would need to do is:

  1. Have a record of your recent performances (my car does it for fuel use based on last 50 miles or so) which is recorded in your activity log
  2. Know what’s in your team - again, it knows this instantly you press “battle” and all it needs to do is assess weaknesses
  3. Line you up vs someone who has a weak/strong team vs yours depending on where it is in your cycle. Autoselect does a version of this immediately you enter a raid lobby.

It does not need to be a totally finessed and NASA-level accurate, just one that slants the matches sufficiently to make it an uphill/downhill process for those battling. There will always be people with new teams to ‘favour’ and older teams to negatively match them against.

Bigger conspiracy theories have been proven true.

We already have that. ELO. If you have a super weak team, you’ll lose most of the time ;)

Btw, your car is different than playing. Humans playing are always chaotic. And keep in mind, there’s a confidence interval - without algorithm/just with ELO, it’s 35 to 60 percent chance to win. With a simple algorithm, this might be slightly shifted, let’s say, 40 to 65 when a win is the goal. There’s not really much gained (if at all, which i doubt).

Let’s be honest about the rest, it’s utter nonsense. This is a conspiracy theory without any profit…

Oh, forgot: some people profit. Those who always blame others can blame an algorithm. That’s why I don’t like religions, they blame a superficial being. Here we blame “the algorithm”. No, thanks ;)

I think you are clearly overestimating the complexity.

I am not looking at creating an algorithm that tries to emulate the battle trying to think how a human of this rating will play, etc.

I am saying is : look at my database that have millions of battles and the results. Of the available matches chose the squad that makes it very easy/hard for my team depending of my needs.

If it gets difficult for the algorithm (which is just a database search to be honest) to do the 3 Pokémon you can probably just use the “lead” as this determines most battles anyway.