Perfect IV pokemon outside of Master League

But that algorithm would bring nothing, basically. As written above, that can be done with ELO itself,.maybe a little bit worse, but in the end, i don’t see any advantage for anyone. Plus of course, there’s absolutely no hint for it - it all is in the range of coincidence and will always be. Maybe I am just too much on the scientist side here, but statements without a good proof annoy me ;)

I get the point of your scientific approach and what we’re doing is speculation without correlation, let alone getting to causation. I’d be interested to see how silph road feel about it.

At the same time, I’m naturally sceptical and know lots of tech is rigged - I’ll use my old examples of car manufacturers fiddling how the car performs in emissions testing and built-in ‘expiry’ dates in phones etc.

ELO is the rough measure of skill of a player, but when you match two equally ranked players, no matter their skill, bar mirror teams, one would have a natural advantage. So, human factor included, the one with the more favourable team, is more likely, but not guaranteed, to win.

Think of it as weighting a set of dice (old-school casino) rather than full-on fixing (such as in cricket and football), the game isn’t clairvoyant, but it can certainly weight your set of 5 by throwing you against more players who have counters to your team.

The manufacturers have a big advantage though, they can sell a new product (and at least at some points, this was also proven). Niantic doesn’t have any pro when equally skilled players meet and one is a bit more likely to win (or lose) due to an algorithm. (Again, one of them is either likely to win or lose anyway, due to randomness). Especially when considering that decent players know countering teams and have a strategy. See, you think that some players have to be motivated through wins (or similar, if I understood you correctly? I sti don’t see any big play here), but this is going to happen either way. On the contrary, even the rumors of an algorithm knowing team matches besides ELO (which you can’t avoid when people fall for anything written in the internet) might people lose interest in PvP. So, more to lose if they implement an algorithm, then to win. You could say that’s Niantic and they’re stupid, but then we could stop arguing, everything possible from this point… Wait, is that a Snorlax I hear snoring outside?

Not really, if a player is really “hooked” with PVP/pokemon go they are more unlikely to stop playing, which in turn reduces the chances of them spending money in the game.

If a player has not been playing for a while they may get hooked again if we give them some good luck. It is not only PVP I think Niantic uses this technique everywhere (shinies, hundos, lucky friendships, etc) and so do other games which are actually explicit about it.

Yes, many players will quit after say 3 straight 5-0 loses. Most people will not participate in an activity if they feel they’re poor at it.

The question is: why sit in all this data and not use it to maximise your profit one way or another? Why keep a competition fair with 100% random matches when there is no need?

Why don’t they just make the maching algorithm public and then there is no rumours or questions about it?

Because Niantic is a money making company, they do not write algorithms for the public domain :innocent:

The first: unfortunately, it’s not that way. I had no luck when I restarted (besides i got a lot of new dex entries ;)); ok that was a while ago… But neither my daughter nor my son (both on several occasions). No shinies, no wins, nothing else. That’s a PoGo legend, too. Wish it would be different :(

The second: it wouldn’t work, people who think there’s a hidden algorithm, will continue to do so. Haters gonna hate ;)

I think we will just have to agree to “disagree”. Because there is no real way to prove it unless we could access data from millions of battles.

Anything else will just be anecdotal so we can just guess…

Your guess is Niantic is using some 100% random algorithm to match battles , give shinies, etc.

My guess is they are using the data they have to keep players hooked for longer and maximise profits.

We will never know!

ELO is for sure an algorithm and also the ranking at the beginning (after rank 20) has some kind of algorithm, but at least I don’t see anything pointing toward an Team-based algorithm.
There might be an algorithm for rewards, but at least nothing greatly dependent on the off-screen time. I might change my mind if something pops up.
There are some thread with a statistical analysis on Reddit, all point toward the “no algorithm” conclusion, but indeed to be “sure” (always a little uncertainty of course), there has to be more data collected. And maybe nobody cares so much to do this…

Some Anecdotal evidence,

I started playing GL with my alt again yesterday after skipping UL and ML, the first two sets were 10-0. So far I have about 120/200 so it may have been a welcome back easy match series?

On the other hand my main with about 6 years playing and 100K catches has got two legendary hundos. My alt which I play much more sporadically with only 40K catches and 3 years play has about 25 legendary hundos and more shinies.

The obvious drawback is my alt then does not have enough stardust to power up these hundos so it is still a weaker account overall but the luck factor is there (FOR ME)