Perfect Larvitar question

So I was walkin around and I got this boi:

I don’t know if I should evolve it now into a Tyranitar (and use as a dark attacker) or wait for another smack down event. Tips?
(name is 1 0 0 in chinese, not the proper way cuz I suck at it)

How are your current Dark and Rock squads?

100 in Chinese would be 一百 (yi bai).

My Dark Squads are… nonexistent. I’m a level 27, very low on stardust that never raids.

So… yeah. I think I should evolve it into a Dark Specialist since I just got 2 amazing RW Rhyperiors from the CD:
(also thanks for the chinese one, I had forgotten the pin yin for 百)

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I would personally wait for Smack Down, given the rarity of both things coinciding. But, it’s your perfect. Also, you should raid more, it totally opened up new vistas for me when I started playing again. It’s fun!

I think i would evolve it in your case into a dark attacker.

But also consider that you will need to power it up to be of any use.

So you will need more then 200 candies and 100k+ stardust to get Larvitar to Tyranitar level 30 (when you reach level 28) to be the great Pokemon it is :wink:

That’s gonna look great maxed :sunglasses:

Another consideration is that Tyranitar may get a stronger, exclusive Dark move through a special event (or a new CD, since Dratini was in the February vote).

I’ve decided I’ll wait for now, and only evolve when I have enough resources. I think it’ll be a dark attacker, since I have my 2 previously mentioned Rhyperiors. Thanks for the help!


If you’re able to get more cranidos before another SD event starts, you can hold your larvitar. I think RW has pushed TTar further down the ladder on the rock side.

With patience you can be like me, served me fabulously against the M2s in Master League, and who doesn’t like a hybrid moveset on a :100:?