Perfect mons sent to the prof

With the new Pokedex you can screen your caught perfect mons and compare it to the ones you currently have - obviously I sent away a 4* Aron. Never noticed. What a pity… Ok, ok, a 4 star aggron is not the most powerful thing out there, but still.
What’s your “worst” best perfect one sent away?

Makuhita, galar stunkfisk, trubish and treecko. First three forgot to star before mass transfer/trading, the later I never noticed that I had a 4*, till it appeared in the dex.

Treecko is the worst loss here. I already have two other perfect makuhita/hairyama, another perfect trubish and I stopped using stunfisk in pvp

Uh, that gunfisk I would like to try in UL…
Treecko/sceptile for PvE?also nice. Personally, i like the comparable Simisage better, but i still don’t have one :(

Apparently I had a perfect Yamask and a Croagunk that I didn’t know about…

This isn’t a perfect method - I have a few shadow Pokemon that I caught (before Shadows were any good in PvP/raids, and when they cost something like 10x to power up vs. regular) and purified to perfect. As a result, I have 65 perfect Pokemon in the Dex, but 68 in my storage, including 2 Charizard (purified) and 2 Scraggy (hatched during project RedEgg).

Worst perfect I tossed - Onix. Did a raid to meet a quest or use up my free pass (don’t remember which), caught Onix, appraised it, glanced at it and thought I saw it was perfect after I swiped away from the screen, went back to check with another appraisal, but fat fingered the button and hit transfer instead of appraise, and then muscle memory kicked in and I sent it to the professor. Still a bit cheesed about doing that, but no one to blame but me.

Of course shadows are not counted when caught, since they are not caught perfect.
Onix is bad, ugh, especially with the mega out now. Sorry for that!

I did hatch a 15/13/15 shiny though. I highly doubt that those 2 defense points would make such an impact. I’m still annoyed at the rock slide nerf though.

Ok, difficult decision… One point difference I’d chose the shiny, but two… ;)

It was early in the game, before megas. I have a lucky 96 now that’s powered up to 40. Would like to take it higher, but only have 7 Onix XL candy.

Unless they are caught perfect. I have a perfect shadow Exeggutor. Not too useful.

Oh, wow. That’s a quite decent psychic attacker, one of the top, or? Ok, not much use for them either. Don’t know about grass, think it’s rather bad.