Permanently Missed Content?

So I just started playing this year, and I keep seeing all these great wellfare servants that were released in previous years. Does anyone know if its still possible to get them even after their rerun event? i.e. Kintoki Rider

As for past Mystic Codes, will they all need rare prisms to unlock at this point?

The welfares will eventually be available again since recently in JP they’ve added a permanent way to get them. Also in JP Saber Lily was added to the FP summon, so you’ll definitely be able to get her.

As for the Mystic Codes, it seems Rare Prisms will be needed. Rare prisms are the currency for missed content, but they are a bit easier to get in JP, so as we move forward you’ll be able to get enough eventually.


This only applies to Saber Lily (which you mentioned) and Altera Santa. No one else has been implemented yet.

Tbh what you need to consider is wellfare CEs. Many of them are SSR CE and you can MLB it much more easily. Sadly these CE isn’t obtainable anymore like welfare servant.

Sure, but it’s unlikely that they’ll introduce that feature and only release Altera Santa. I expect they’ll go through all of them, they just have to space it out since they have a time period where you can get the first servant copy free, after which you have to unlock the mini-event with Rare Prisms.

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I don’t think this has been implemented yet, not that I could find at least. And there’s no guarantee that every Servant will be added back at some point, unfortunately.

Also let’s remember that other than completion sake, a few of hose welfares are kinda obsolete. Like Liz Caster for instance. Other than beimg he best AoE golden caster at some point, she became less and less impressive as all the rest of casters started to show up, like Nursery and Helena, and then the SsSR like DaVinci and Nero.


Ah, but the hope is that as they become permanent (even if rare prisms are needed) they are able to be buffed. The main thing stopping them from buffs was their time-sensitive nature, as new players wouldn’t care if they got buffs since they can’t unlock them in the first place, which gave other servants priority for skill/NP buffs. I also think that’s why they started with Altera Santa, she’s one that doesn’t need any buffs, so she’s a safe option to start with while they figure out how to buff some of the weaker ones.


Is it safe to MLB event CEs post rerun event?
I always wanted to do it but then hesitated, especially those event CEs whose effect is better when stacked.

Unless DW decides to do a second rerun… But given how Santera retuned via rare prism shop rather than a second rerun, chances of that are quite slim indeed.

So, after the rerun you should be safe to outright burn the ce’s let alone merely mlb them.

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Only recently I dared to burn event CE because of the effect;
Threefold Barrier [Reduces damage taken by 1000. (3 attacks.)]
Hate that feeling sometimes after doing something only to find out there is better alternative. Luckily, Threefold Barrier is really not that good.

Looks like the overall answer is yes but the problem is for some of the welfares say Elizabeth (Saber) you won’t be able to ascend her since the event for her ascension material has passed by twice. So if you get her like my own Elizabeth (Saber) she will always be a lvl 40 player. Good for ember farming, servant training and events but useless in story mode after a certain point.

this might be a dumb question i have but will all these wellfare servants show up again eventually in thier respective events? some of ya’ll are saying they’ll show up in rare prism shop but then how are we supposed to ascend them as most wellfare servants had ascenion materials you would collect during the event. so like in HawkX1’s case above me. would these prism bought servants be stuck on 1st stage? maybe i missed something here somebody pointed out.

This explains it. Do note that it has only been implemented for one servant, so there’s no guarantee anyone else will get one.