Perrserker chance to shine (PvP)

With bonus weeks coming to an end, we will finally get some galar formes in the game, wich can be good for the actual enviroment of PvP. High meta defining teams aside, a lot of mons can be core breakers and this is something good.

Didn’t know about galarian forms before weezing, so I did a little research and I found Perrserker (galar meowth evolution, a pure steel type) wich can be a colorfull adition to PvP battles.

Stats wise, is comparable to melmetal, but a bit thicker. We do not know what moves it will have, but I found that if niantic decides this cat deserves to be good, it certainly will.

Fast moves available: Iron Tail, metal claw, scratch, shadow claw(!)
Charged moves available: Body slam, Close combat, crunch, dark pulse, dig, foul play, gunk shot, gyro ball, heavy slam, H.Beam, Iron head, Night slash, Play rough, Shadow ball, thunderbolt, seed bomb.

First impression is that, been steel type, Niantic its going to put at least 1 fast and 1 charged steel type move in its movepool. All steel charged moves are meh, and metal claw is not bad but not impressive either… but if given shadow claw (please Niantic) the cat has a time to shine.

In charged moves department, Shadow ball seems to much, even more in a physical hitter pokemon (a rule that Niantic almost always follows and I believe it’s good), but close combat can be really devastating given the right support. I see crunch given to this monster, perhaps night slash. And almost impossible chances to thunderbolt and seed bomb, but time will tell. Play rough was a constant in past normal type mons, but this is a steel type, and at least if given it will threaten altaria a bit.
Another good thing is that candy won’t be a problem at all.

Fingers crossed for a moveset consisting in shadow claw, body slam and close combat (far fetched but possible in my opinion, even more after niantic given a lot of 5 gen mons the desired moves). But iron tail/scratch + iron head / gyro ball / play rough can be a thing too. Let’s wait

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Anything with SC = good

Else, it will be just another lacklustre Pokemon. The best steel types in the game now don’t even run steel Fast Move (except for METAGROSS?) speaks a lot to the problems with steel type.

All in all, let’s just hope that it won’t be just another Galarian Weezing…

Bullet Punch is a mediocre fast move, even if you count it.

Bullet punch is 6 damage 7 energy generation with a duration of 1 sec, so it’s 3/3.5 dmg/energy per turn, wich is quite good for a move. It’s at poison jab rate, better than lick, bug bite and water gun to name a few


I’m pretty sure GWeezing was released prematurity with placeholder moves, no other fully evolved Pokemon has as few options as it does.

Close Combat would be a devastating wildcard on a filthy steel-type.

I’m also curious about Obstagoon. While it does have a double weakness to fighting, it also has a very interesting movepool available. And it just looks really cool

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Obstagoon looks amazing, and I feel it can be quite interesting in ultra league given the right moves. Triple resistance to ghost is something cool too

Purugly would like a word with you

yeah that was straight up cruel, they better update its movepool asap

Nothing in PVP is more satisfying than taking out a Skarmory with Purugly


What charge moves are you running on that purugly? Asking for a friend.

I suspect, and hope, that they are going to give it more options next week with the proper debut of the Galaran mons.

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Shadow Claw/Thunder I’m assuming

If you have one with PVP IV, it’s actually serviceable.

You should send the regards for Shedinja instead.

I guess it feels like an un-shielded IceBeam from Ludicolo on Altaria/Venusaur, LOL.

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If they gave him Charm, I can at least use it as a Giratina killer in UL.

His stats are very similar to Clefable. And for just 5 more energy than MeteorMash Clefable, you can launch a nuke of Overheat on next Pokemon before going down.

But like many suggested, Niantic gave him tackle mainly because 8th gen moves are not yet available in game and the Weezing can’t learn other moves currently available in game. I’m not sure if Niantic is ready to update 8th gen move pools yet…

Gen 8 didn‘t really introduce many new moves though, and many of those are actually signature moves. G-Weezing only having Tackle is solely because it literally can‘t learn any other Fast Move available (not even Hidden Power or Infestation, because the first has been removed from the Gen and the latter isn‘t a TM anymore, which K-Weezing could normally learn). And if they were to ever introduce G-Weezing‘s signature move, I kinda think it would become a Charged Move.