Personal Challenge/3-Turning Free Quests/Challenging Story Content Run Thread

Ever took up a personal challenge to shake up the monotony that is farming, aka 98% of this game, by trying to solo a free quest? How about using a bunch of random servants to complete a daily quest? This is the thread for you. Come and post your teams and runs at it.

Ever want to be as time efficient as possible when farming cuz farming for too long makes you feel like you’re watch Naruto fillers, the bad ones, causing you to lose brain cells? Do you 3-turn all the free quests and daily quests to avoid that outcome? Then this is the thread for you!! Come show off those 3-turn squads and maybe help others escape Naruto filler feeling hell!!

Ever felt a bit proud at the fact you beat one of the stories more challenging content, i.e. boss fights, with a solid team or strategy like all those sports anime protagonists? Ever felt like showing the team or recording off? Well this is a thread for you. Come and display all of you at your best or worst.

So yeah. this is just a thread for showing off your teams or recordings for all the stuff Fate/Grand Order has to throw at you and ways you challenge yourself.

When guides for Story boss fights come out on GamePress, I’ll post them in thread or up here.


Here’s Maid Alter soloing the Shinjuku’s heart free quest and Salem’s feathers free quest



@jakeybitchette best time to advertise yourself :fgo_tamamo:


My wasteland chain of fools farming team, easy 3 turn:

My 5 turn KNK CQ team

And this is my 3 turn feather/ court room team (I been using wu lately for this team but I keep atalante there just incase I cant find one).

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This basically my 3T setup i use on nodes. Since i am a new player didn’t have the mats to raise arash will do in the future.


Hey, pretty similar Feathers comp. Well, in terms of main players - but not surprisingly so really.

Support is any Waver/Merlin with Personal Lesson. Former is a 3T a majority of the time, at worst the Merlin facecarding becomes a 5T but that’s pretty rare and usually it’s a 4T so eh.
I had Rishtar in Alex’s place, but moved her out for reasons.


Just gonna drop my favorite meme here:

Some of my favorite solos actually came from Setsubun:

And who could forget this genius comp from NeroFest?

And some of my favorite CQ runs (that aren’t memes):


That’s a great setup and probably no-where near as expensive as mine nor requiring as many button clicks!

And I love how you got Alex in there! Highly under-appreciated servant!

Not sure what you do for yours but mine is:
W1: Arash S3, Stella.
W2: Astolfo S3, Alex S1/3, Merlin S1/2 / Waver S2/3, Alex NP (ideally Quick chain for crits)
(If Merlin + needing charge, just build 10 charge… so like, a single Astolfo blue or w/e. Then MA S2.)
W3: Merlin S3, Astolfo S1, NP and junk.

And yeah, Alex doesn’t get enough love. He’s a capable semi-support in his own right for low-rarity shenanigans, and is your best cheap Quick buffer before Bart splashes onto the scene with lower Cost - at the expense of basically being a W1 wiper if not at all. But hey if wanted, I could fit in Jalter instead of Wu, and Lunchtime instead of Portrait. Not that I’ll bother lol.

I can’t wait for Alex’s update, never mind future buff. The animations make him feel so much more like a young Iskandar, as he should. Plus, even if Human is a limited niche, straight up buff-stripping - again for an R unit! - is pretty dang tasty. Guarantee hits land, guarantee everyone hits strong as they can, delete obnoxious buffs and soften the enemy for more survival. One day he’ll get to at least 9/9/9!

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Ever since my Arash, Sparty, and Bunyan reached max bond I needed to get creative with my 3 turn farming comps. And so far, I only got my Proofs/Dust and Feathers team working. Which is good since I’m eternally farming these.


Support to be used is any servant with either a 50% battery or Scope with a 20-30% battery. Personally I prefer Eresh or Lartoria for this due to their party wide atk buff.
W2 is handled by Drake’s NP
W3 is popping Drake’s S1 then swapping the support out for Rishtar and pop her S1. Activate MC atk buff and Astolfo NP and crits whatever is left alive.


Support is any Waver to get Shiki charged up for W3.
W1 is handled by Drake and W2 by Astolfo.

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That sounds like a fun comp!

The way my team works is very complicated in comparison as you will soon see.


  1. Arash Skill 2&3, Astolfo Skill 3, Maid Skill 3, then optionally I can use as many non-maid quick cards as I can followed by Arash NP
  2. Astolfo skill 1, then use as many non-maid quick cards as possible ending with Astolfo NP
  3. swap out Astolfo for Kscope Atalante (or support wu), maid skill 1 followed by skill 2 then skill 3, waver skill 2&3 followed by waver skill 1 on Maid, Atalante skill 1, then mystic code atk buff, then finally either a maid NP brave chain or Maid NP followed by Atalante NP followed by whatever maid card has the highest crit Chance,

Three turns the quest 99% of the time and honestly you probably don’t even need to double stack reloaded to clear it. But you do need to build up stars for maid alter to crit the second bird or else you might have to finish it in 4 turns.

3-turning stakes

3-turning feathers

3-turning shells


Forgot this one

Also, for free quests—-

Also, the Shimousa fights were some of the most memorable in the game for me:


I can share a couple I guess:



QP Farming:

I’m not overly motivated on my own but I’d love being given a challenge in regards to someone choosing a Free Quest and me seeing if I can cone up with something fun for it.

[Inserts any Servant with a 50% battery in Eresh’s place for T1-2 clear and any Servant (either ST or AoE) with a battery for T3 clear]

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Archuria taught me that.







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This seems like the thread for me :fgo_ereshwoah:
3 turning is my life in this game :fgo_insane:
Overwork those waver supports :fgo_insane:
Okita is just there to farm bond :catroll:

Ah, Nerafest '19…:fgo_scheherazadesmirk:

NP5 will be a belated reward for Yuri Mo come June.

That aside, I am having a reasonable amount of funzies putting Leonarda + Sheba to work vs various nodes:

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I use this team for almost every farming and works usually works in every ember farm and for dust too

So this thread inspired me to actually start trying to do solos and I’ve been trying some on Royal Palace with Robin Hood and Zerkerlot (3 tries and 19 tries respectively)

Not-so-subtle plug: