Personal Coaching

Quick comment on this CE we’re about to get:

If you don’t have a ton of MPs, carefully consider before buying it whether or not any of your friends would use it if you put it up.

I can afford it, but I won’t buy it. Master XP is a distant priority behind every other type of XP, and this CE works like CTT and BL, so its full value is in being borrowed.

Buy it if you want, of course, but don’t do it just because it’s new, and definitely don’t waste days of gameplay farming MPs for it if you’re short.


How far away is the next master level cap increase? Over a year away, right? I think there’s no way I won’t hit 150 before Gilfest is over as I just speed past 148. So that’s so untempting not even funny.


Not sure when, but I’m almost 150 without having burnt tons of SQ on lotto.


Even if this wasn’t a bait ce, I couldn’t buy it even if I wanted to!


I’m definitely going to skip this one. Right now I have around 3.5k MPs but I’m saving them for Summer 3 rerun when I can finally get some free rare prims and buy ML and Lunchtime…


I’ll buy 1 for collection like i did with the other ones, master exp and mystic code exp are definitely not a priority for me since i just don’t see myself farming for the sake of farming exp.


Not sure what Im going to do. I dont care much about Master level and it seems that is not a desirable CE to pick from Support list, but I have 7,5K of MP, so I could afford it, and if I dont buy it now its going to cost also a RP in the future. Anyway, in which slot should it be equiped in the support formation? usually the paterns are Caster for Bond, Rider for QP, All for Performance/MC Exp, and that makes easy to found what CEs you want, you know that if you want QP CEs for doors, you go to Riders, or if you just want Bond CEs you go to Caster. In which slot would you search for a Master Exp CE?

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I have just over 39k MP so I’m buying it just out of FOMO and not wanting to have to spend an RP.

I wouldn’t look for it…ever. But if someone were looking to focus on Master XP or MC XP, they might check the All slot since that seems to be a common location to put miscellaneous CEs of that type.


I still have plenty of MP to buy this CE even tho it’s kind of useless. It’s better than have to spend RP to buy this later. Beside i still have gapples for lotto so i will refill my MP later.

ya hard skip on this. we don’t get lvl 160 until months after 5th anniversary and the reward for master level is so useless compared to every other xp category


Bella Lisa brought my MP balance down, but it is more than paying itself back on this raid from friends’ ones or just FP from them using mine.

I just don’t see this one being worth the trouble to get 5k Mana Prismd that i don’t have, skip.


If I had 7.5k MPs, this CE would be a hard pass for me.

I have around 45k I think :fgo_mashthink: so I’ll probably pick it up for OCD reasons


I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times that players who don’t necessarily have a ton of MPs on-hand right now are tempted to buy to “save” the RP later.

I would challenge the assumption that we should want to buy it later, or ever. It doesn’t cost RP to unlock a CE you never need, and current indications are that Master level won’t be any kind of issue that needs a CE boost for at least 2+ years; most likely never.

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Meanwhile me:

Gonna buy it for the Sion art


I skipped out on buying ML till next Gilfest for this, yes…


need it to speed level when the next cap increase hits

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the gap from lv150 to lv160 is holy ■■■■ stupid and I always manage to find me comps that need just 1 more point in party cost, so

gonna get in preparation for the level cap increase, and for futureproofing for future ones too

then rare prism the last 4 personal training copies I skipped out on closer to/after the level cap increase

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Master cap exists; bond cap is nearly infinite except for those few who feed SQ to FGA 24/7.

So long as we can borrow only one CE at a time, Master XP and MC XP will sit out.


coaching is actually the 2nd most used ce for jp support now, iirc, after teatime

and imaging trying to level arctic without boosts is just gross

I did Arctic with no boosts and no SQ->AP whaling; was fine.

JP has odd priorities sometimes. Rushing to max Master level is something only a handful of players should even think about doing, because everyone else has better things left to do.