Personal Ranking of New Sync Pairs [in-progress]

Just wanted to give my personal opinion on how the newer Sync Pairs or Sync Pairs that got a Sync Grid size up (or, at least, the ones I’m interested in. I’m mainly ranking them by three things

1.) Overall Base Kit. This only includes stats of sync pairs at their max level and available evolution after level unlocks without promotion items, their overall moveset, and their abilities.
2.) Sync Grid availability. If a Sync Pair has a Sync Grid, all free Sync Pairs will be at their max available level. If a Sync Pair needs a grid ability that’s locked behind levels, it will be noted in the brief summary.
3.) Level of required investment. This won’t affect the overall ranking, but it will be a huge sticking point as far as whether any investments should or can be made. This includes leveling the Sync Grid and Cookies.

Tier 1:

  • Sygna Suit Red & Charizard - Its entire moveset alongside the boosts from Mega Evolution make it THE strongest special attacker in the game. Getting to Sync Lv. 2 is ideal, but even the base kit alone is efficient enough.
  • Steven & Metagross - A more reliable Steel attacker when compared to “Player & Solgaleo”. Mega Evolution alongside its unique boosting move makes it easier to cheat hard match-ups (Champion Banner only).
  • Brendan & Sceptile (w/ Dauntless) - Similar to “Player & Solgaleo” in its role, but has a less common weakness in exchange for needing Cookie investments. Would be Tier 2 without Dauntless due to how unreliable Bullet Seed is.
  • Player & Solgaleo - An event-exclusive mixed attacker whose unique boosting move synergizes well with its attacks. All boosts are available for those lucky enough to participate in the New Years event, but it has issues with keeping its move gauge filled.
  • Flannery & Torkoal (Sync Lv. 2) - Available through simply playing the game, and Will-o-Wisp is very reliable chip damage. Too Hot to Handle makes it a decent physical tank, and it has access to Burn Synergy. If you can get the pair to Sync Level 2, Move Gauge Refresh on Ember makes her the queen of chip damage; otherwise, it’s Tier 2.

Tier 2:

  • Cynthia & Garchomp - Earthquake is a fantastic AoE, but the Sync Pair has to be in Sandstorm to reach its full potential. “Acerola & Palossand” is the only way to self-start Sandstorm right now, which is unfortunate. Being locked behind a Champion banner with a sub-par Mega Evolution is also unfortunate.
  • Guzma & Golisopod (Sync Lv. 3) - First Impression comes with a lot of drawbacks, and Pin Missile is unreliable without Sync Grid investment and a Sync Level of 3. Will be Tier 4 without investment and is, overall, overshadowed by “Noland & Pinsir”.
  • Player & Pikachu (Sync Lv. 3+) - Full Sync Grid can be available after 2 weeks of consistent playing, and its Sync Grid makes it reliable for keeping the Move Gauge up and healing. It will be Tier 4 without investment, but it’s so easy to invest in it that it should be a non-issue.
  • Hau & Raichu (Sync Lv. 2) - Fills some similar roles to “Player & Pikachu” as a single-bar gauge refresher, but focuses more on offense and evasion than healing. It can still function decently without investment as a free AoE attacker (it would be Tier 3 without investment nowadays), but there are more efficient attackers now.

Tier 3:

  • Lance & Dragonite - Access to Potion is nice, but it relies a lot on team support to boost its own attacking power, and there are more consistent Sync Pairs to fill his attacking role.
  • Iris & Haxorus (w/ Clearheaded, Lv. 2)- Outrage has too big a drawback that requires cookie investment. Quick Cure helps, but overall, it’s outclassed by “Zinnia & Rayquaza”.
  • Ethan & Typhlosion - Eruption is a good AoE, but chip damage hinders it too easily.
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