Peshkatz and Hliðskjálf similar effects?

I want to fodder Pulse Smoke from G!Pent to a good unit who can use it properly.
I think heroes with effects like Peshkatz (Sothe) and Hliðskjálf (Brave Veronica) are good candidiates.
These weapons applies penalties on foes within 2 spaces of target after combat: -4 or -5 to every stat of these enemies, and also buffs their allies +4 or +5 Ata/Spd/Def/Res.

So, applying Pulse Smoke on these weapons stacks even more stalk effects…
The problem is:

  1. Sothe already has Pulse Smoke on is refine.
  2. B!Veronica cannot use Pulse Smoke since she is an healer. She was just perfct for this… I use her a lot and preventing enemies from counterattacks make her even more dangerous with all these stalk effects.

There are more heroes with similar effects? Like debuffing all enemies stats on 2 spaces, or applying other stalk status on such enemies.

Other good users of Pulse Smoke 3? I read B!Ike but I am not sure

Saizo’s prf dagger inflicts -6 to all stats to foes after attacking, which is probably the next best thing I can think of for that besides Sothe.


There’s a few

L-Dimitri’s Atrocity B skill inflicts spectrum -5 stat smoke and Pulse Smoke as one of its effects (and IIRC this effect stacks with Pulse Smoke)

Saizo’s Star was previously mentioned

Kempf, Rhajat, and Nifl all have Flash Prfs; Muspell has a Fatal Smoke Prf

Orochi has a Panic Smoke Prf

OG F-Corrin has an Atk and Spd Smoke breath

And of course all daggers inflict Def Smoke + Res Smoke

But I believe Sothe, Saizo, B-Veronica, and L-Dimitri are the only units with a spectrum debuff smoke all in one skill


You can also use an unrefined M!Morgan for a similar effect