Phantom hits are bad enough... but phantom fights?

Last friday I was about to raid a Pinsir in cloudy weather. Auto select suggested to open with a double rock moves Aggron. I figured, “why not? It will save me potions, let’s give it a try”. Throughout the raid, I stared at Pinsir’s health bar and the clock back and forth. It was close, but probably doable. I had fire pokémon ready just in case, but as the fight went on it became very likely that Aggron would do it on it’s own, although quite close… That’s when I realised Aggron had barely lost a few HP… I starded to figure out something was wrong and feared the end… Alas, when the clock hit the 20 seconds left or so, Pinsir gained all it’s HP back… Ughhhhhhh… Of course I didn’t make it. In the second run I just rolled over Pinsir with Tyranitar and 2 Charizards in anger - Pinsir had to suffer.

Well, probably a network problem, but hell I would have liked to know it in less than 130 seconds… And yes, Aggron needed to be healed afterwards, not by much though.

When the game itself acknowledge and punish you for using Aggron. It’s a message from beyond telling you that no matter how many buffs, no matter how many new moves, no matter how many rockets or PvP matches it wins, there is no good reason enough to use an Aggron on PvE.


I had two bugs on saturday, well one of them I consider it a beneficial bug lol
So the beneficial bug was the I defeated Espeon with only 4 seconds left and everyone knows that if the clock gets to 0 while the pokemon its still shrinking you just lose the battle, however this time the timer got to 0 while espeon was shrinking and… I still won the raid .-. so I had to confused happiness on that one.
That same day curiously enough with a Pinsir, at 62 seconds for some weird reason Pinsir stopped attacking completely and I though to myself this was a gifted win.Once Pinsir got his HP to zero it did not start to shrink as usual instead, the timer got to zero and I had to do the entire thing again and heal up the pokemons used :/

Anchor 6th pokemon for Articuno? its the only niche I could think of for PVE use.

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Exact same thing happened with a Youtuber earlier. Doing a Rhydon solo in rain with Kyogre, failed when the Rhydon regenerated 50% of its health at 15 seconds remaining.

Those glitches feel like the game (or Niantic) is cheating on us. No wonder abuse of multiple accounts, even spoofing, are as tolerated (by the playerbase) as they are.


I only saw stuff phantomed worth of 1 or 2 charge attacks before, sometimes I can still beat them, other times…Not.

Never saw 100% HP restrored or even more than 30%.

Pretty sure it’s a phone problem unlike the usual phantoms, because I’ve never saw full recovery on a raid boss,

I used my Aggron for a solo on Pelipper worked a treat. :man_shrugging:t3::slightly_smiling_face:

The exact same thing happened to me with a Medicham raid this week. Just as I was about to destroy it, it regained full strength, and I wasn’t able to re-enter because the raid had ended. Sigh!

Demand a refund on your raid pass!

I’m sorry. I asked support about this and they ASSURED me that “there is NO WAY that the Pokémon Go app could do this and there is nothing they can do.”

They did say that if it happens again to send a video so they can look into it.

/s Wink wink


Yep, classic Niantic. They just always refuse to acknowledge glitches like these.

Technically, it’s probably a phone problem.

If the boss regenerates around 2 or 3 charged moves worth of damage and you dodge a LOT, it’s a “them” problem.

So far, I’ve never saw anything like, boss recovering to full health after going to red. And I’m using an S9.

My comment was snark and sarcasm. Niantic ALWAYS insists that there is NO WAY their app can do what you observed and they seem to believe that POGO is very stable and that all problems are user error.

Even problems that make no sense at all, like the “oops, you just used ALL of your TMs“ trying to get a fast charge move that you were guaranteed to get with one FTM and their claim that you must have repeatedly pressed the USE FAST TM AND the CONFIRM button over and over again by accident.

It boggles the mind.



I’ve had this specific problem, and had way different results. I used a CTM on RayQ while walking through a dead-zone. The result was that I lost 7 CTM’s once my phone reconnected (and didn’t get OR like I wanted).

When I contacted Niantic, they said the client likely sent multiple CTM-use requests (which is pretty standard procedure for client-server connections; trying to send the same request again from a client if the first one appears to fail from the client’s perspective) and that ALL of them likely got successfully processed by the server, resulting in multiples being used.

From a programatic standpoint… there ISN’T much that they can do to fix it. The solution is for the user to try to only “play” (and especially use resources) in areas with good connections to ensure that network issues don’t occur.

Also… Phantom fights sound entirely possible. Start a raid and put your phone in airplane mode after it starts, then do the raid, then take the phone off airplane mode with 20s left on the raid. You’ll probably be able to replicate this.

Not saying it isn’t frustrating… but rather that niantic can’t fix when players try to play a network-based game with a garbage-to-non-existent network connection.

Yes there is: have the server send an a mechanism of acknowledgment to the client when something like “using a CTM” is done is one example. Freeze a raid AND ITS COUNTER (ok, maybe just when you’re solo, which makes it more complicated) when the connexion is lost for more than 5 or 10 seconds is another. There are many, many solutions. Niantic is just not willing to implement any.

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How are you even doing this?


I just turn off location if I’m in a drifty place, then turn it back on right before I’m going to catch the Pokemon.

Why? He just started the battle again and beat it the second time

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This reeks of apologetics. Let me ask you this… if I process a withdrawal from my bank in a sketchy network spot, do you think it repeatedly withdraws the money until it gets back on the network?

No. Because that would be terrible. Just like Niantic is terrible. You sound like you are blaming the player for their network connections.

When in reality, Niantic should program to be robust under bad network conditions.

Even fighting could be programmed to do the entire fight offline and upload the results when the connection is good.


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