Phone can't run the game as well anymore, so which emulator should I use?

So my iPhone 5 just can’t run the game as well anymore and I can’t afford a new phone at the moment. Which means I have to resort to using an emulator that’ll hopefully run the game better. The ones I’ve heard so far are Nox and Bluestacks, but people have said that they run some sketchy stuff in the background of your computer. I don’t know if this is the case anymore though. So should I use one of these emulators? Are there others? Which one is better at running the game well?

I use Nox.

Honestly, i don’t know how you people play FGO on phone…

1- Here in italy, people will laugh at you or consider you a weirdo the moment they hear the japanese voiceacting of the game. And i refuse to use headphones like a socislly awkard. If you are around people, if you isolate yourself you are going to look weird.

At least, that is our culture

2- PC emulator has better screen size and resolution


For one thing, I don’t think people play with sound on in a public setting.

Secondly I think most people play outside just to make sure they don’t waste any ap, so it is like 15min max on the phone. I personally just play a bit during my lunch break


Ahhh yes thinking people listening to other languages outside of their own and English is considered weird yet they don’t tend realize that for Other cultures their language is weird.

And for OP bluestacks I use it it’s better then nox and it doesn’t have any weird stuff.
But phones in large are better when you play it i saw it with my own eyes the game just runs better on phones no matter how much your PC is beefed up…Dunno why though.

You do realize that phones have a sound setting that you can turn off? Lmao

That aside, I play on my phone because

  1. touch controls are more convenient than using the mouse to tap
  2. I can play on the go, helps with not wasting AP
  3. makes it easier to multitask since I can look up information without minimizing the game/look at both at the same time (yes I do realize multiple screens exist, playing on phone means I have 3 screens instead of the two I’d have on an emulator

@tridentzx Nox is the most feature-rich emulator and I can speak from experience that it works well. As for the sketchy stuff, you need to pay attention to install it from the developer’s site ( as there are fake sites that give you modified virus-laden versions of the program instead. Other than that, they make ad revenue off their users to keep the software free, so if that bothers you you can take a look at this:
Haven’t tried any other emulators, but after the engine update pretty much any of them should work, if you don’t wanna use Nox or Bluestacks.


This. Sound is off more often than it’s on in my case.

Also, imagine giving a ■■■■ about the opinions strangers have of me. I currently have Princess Connect: Redive wallpaper on my work PC, I barely give a shit about the opinions of people I know :fgo_musashi:


I mean, this is true but why do you care? If you play FGO in a public place then you shouldn’t care about strangers’ opinion, they won’t affect your life. If you play it while you are with your family/friends then just turn off the sound or explain them why you like the game and why it’s japanese only. I’m italian and my friends know that I like japanese games (or music, I’m that guy who only listen to anime openings or videogames’ OST) and they don’t care, or they don’t understand but accept my taste. I wouldn’t even call “friend” someone who thinks I’m weird because the games I play aren’t dubbed in english/italian


Ok, damage control. Since i was at work, had to write as always in a hurry because my boss does not like employees to use phones and i might have given the wrong idea here.

First of all, my post was not meant to be a critic nor i’m looking down to some people.

I stated a fact based on my personal experience, so talking about:

1- My city

2- My friends / parents / aquitances / people that were years and years ago in my school / highschool / university

3- Consider that i’m 30 years old. Internet and phones here started to be actively used by young peoplew when i was around 14 years old. So we are talking about 15 years ago. Meaning, i have no idea if things now are different. I’m no longer a kid nor a teenager.

But 15 years ago, things here were like i sayd. Japanese on cartoons or Games was not well looked. Nerd had only a negative meaning. People in my town would make a social outcast out of you if you liked to play many videogames and watched too much japanese cartoons.

I do not agree with that view, i believe that we are able to choose the way we desire to live.

But nonetheless, i can’t change reality. And my generation had that close mindset. Blame hem, not me who stated how things sadly were.

Same was for headphones. Yes, there were walkmans and cd players, but people used it with moderation.
Not like nowadays, where people are most of the time with their face glued to their phones.

Again, i’m not judging anyone here but stating how things were in my teenager times.

That said, if my hasty comment did offend anyone, i apologize.
I hope that with this explaination you’ll understand that it was not what i meant.


I don’t usually play with sound on in any setting myself.

I used Bluestacks when I had 2 accounts without any particular problem, the experience was nice and confortable, give it a try.

When you say make ad revenue off the users do you mean that they just display ads? Cause I’m fine with that, but do they like take information from me though?

if it makes you feel better i do a lot of intense workouts & lifting in my public gym & farm fgo between sets same age as you & i live in a 3rd world country.

didn’t even think it was offending, and the social part is completely understandable too. I just find it weird that the 1st point against playing on phone is the volume :fgo_grampsnani:

If it was “people would think you are weird if they happen to see your screen and it has 2 summer raikous” then ya I completely understand the dilemma :fgo_dshy:


Don’t worry, you didn’t offend anyone as far as I can tell - it was more like your concerns just seem ungrounded, at least in my opinion. You can turn off the sound and nobody will hear any squeaky japanese voices, so they would need to look at your screen to see what you’re doing, and I don’t think too many people care enough to do that. And even then, people who would judge you because of what you enjoy doing in your free time are the kind of people that you don’t need in your life. I think if you weren’t so afraid of the people around you judging you because you like japanese media, you would find that most of them actually wouldnt care. Nowadays, at least in my experience, both gaming and anime/manga (the stuff that used to be reserved to the “nerds”) is generally a lot more widely accepted in society than it used to, and the only ones who still make a stigma of it are toxic people that you shouldnt have to deal with.

Essentially, they put random game icons on your home screen that lead you to installing the game when tapping on it. I honestly don’t know if they collect any data, but they likely do. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind in general, whatever you do on the internet, is the following:

When the product is free, you are the product.

For Nox specifically, by following the link I gave you earlier you can disable basically all of that if it concerns you. But honestly, with Facebook, Google, Whatsapp and all the others already colecting all your data anyway, it’s kind of a moot point anyway as far as I’m concerned. It’s just something you have to accept if you wanna use the internet at all. No way around it.

With respect to phone volume, personally I consider it polite to never broadcast any sort of sound from my phone in public, whether it be voices, music, or whatever. I also have typically used vibration-only for notifications, especially in office settings.

After using fgo on mute to keep myself awake during midnight baby feeding sessions for so long, I have trouble remembering to actually turn on the sound on during the day most of the time.

I also use a tablet without data for fgo. Try to keep games off my actual phone. Can’t play as any ol time, but still more convenient than a laptop. Only real trouble was during Solomon raids. We were driving to visit family for the holidays while Barbados was active… So had to use a mobile hot-spot off my phone to have any hope of getting in the action of Barbados delicious drops before it fell. Kind of klunky, but it worked. In hindsight maybe I should have temporarily moved to the phone… But oh well.

Why would you even care about that? Personally when i’m on a break or simply outside i just think about enjoying what i’m doing, using headphones is perfectly normal since otherwise you’d have an hard time hearing your phone depending on where you are, actually i think not using headphones is less polite when you’re in public.

Anyway, i find playing on phone to be just less time wasting since i can simply use my daily AP whenever i want, but of course that’s subjective and not everyone have good phones that can run FGO smoothly.

To answer the OP i use bluestacks for my JP account but i don’t entirely recommend it since i often get random crashes recently, not sure if it’s the recent update i did or just related to FGO itself.

Imagine the reactions you’d get from normal people if you use Chacha at max volume lol

In that case i can probably understand if you get a bit uncomfortable.

I definitely wouldn’t want to throw (any) Jeanne’s NP on max volume in a french bus or something like that XD

I’ve been using Nox for a good while now and the game engine update made everything bad about it go away. It pretty much won’t crash anymore, speed was litteraly multiplied and overall smoothness is now … a new feeling I hadn’t experienced so far XD

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Was this the Skadi quick memes everyone was talking about?