Phone recommendations for FGO

So, right now I’m thinking of buying either the Moto G8/Power or the Redmi Note 8 or 8 Pro, depending of which one will be the cheaper around early/mid August. Does anyone play with any of them and can share your opinions or can give recommendations for other phones in the same price range? I can’t afford something pricier and have a schedule for reasons

Just buy a Redmni Note 9S/Pro. It’s in the same price range, has a better chipset, and it runs the game incredibly smoothy with really short loading times.

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Yeah, I’ll keep an eye on that. The problem is that my budget doesn’t cover the 9s/Pro right now. USD isn’t my currency btw. I started reading about problems with the Tianma’s screens of Xiaomi’s phones and it scared me, buying it now seems like this hell of gacha game

I’m playing with Redmi 8 Pro for a month now, and it’s incredible!
There’s hardly any loading times. It runs so extremely fast!
Yesterday I used plugsuit for the first time - it goes instantly!
Every Noble Phantasm runs smooth as hell! And I really mean every. I’m playing JP as well and I tried them from the updated Gilgamesh to Yang Guifei. No lags no anything.

Clear buy recommendation from my side.

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As far as I know (or can tell, I have a 9s), the screen is no different from any other IPS LCD screen, and I have yet to see any “screen bleeding”, not even in videos that are supposed to demonstrate it to you.

As for the 9S vs 8Pro thing, the two phones are functionally identical. The one thing to note about the 8Pro is that MediaTek was found cheating on the benchmarks to show higher scores than what the phone can sustain, but it is still a very high-performance phone, and even on hands on tests, it performs just a few percent lower than the 9S, which is practically undetectable to the naked eye.

Overall, it’s all about local pricing. Where I live, the two phones cost exactly the same (+/- 10% depending on the retailer), but I have heard people say that at some places the 9S costs $50 less, while in other regions it’s the other way around. Buy whichever is cheaper, they are both good phones and they will run FGO without any issues.


That’s right. I’m inclined to buy a Xiaomi phone for the first time, if 8 Pro and 9S keeps inflated where I live, I’ll just buy the normal Note 8 or the G8 Power for the price, battery and warranty. My biggest fear with Xiaomi is the screen bleeding

I second the motion for the Xiami Note 9 Pro. The game is so smooth on it and all the NPs are no longer killing my phone (looks at Gil and Malter NP). I’d suggest that if you can still wait and save up for it then I gotta say that its worth the time and effort.

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Sadly I can’t, I won a prize and have to buy a phone until early to mid August and present to them the purchase invoice. I’m already adding some of my savings and yeah, I’m poor from a shitty country. My current phone is with me for almost 6 years. Let’s see how the prices behave until then, thank you for the suggestion