Pick your CYL 4 skills!

So last CYL 3 if I recall there wasn’t much in the new skill front. A few reused SS3 and so on, Atk Spd Push might have been new? But the highlight was specialized skills like Scendscale and Yunes Whisper.

However, I think maybe we will see a little of both: specialized skills, but also more of the “4” variety. My guesses:

  • Defiant Atk 4: At start of turn, if units HP <= 75%, grants +8 for 1 turn
  • Steady Feirce Breath 2: If foe initiates, grants +6+6 Atk Def during combat and special CD +1 per attack
  • Close Def 4: +8+8
  • Wings of Mercy 4: No. just kidding.
  • Brash Assault 4: <= 75%
  • Breath of Life 4: if attacked, restores 7 hp to allies within 2 spaces

I still expect at least the top 2 (Edelgard and Dimitri) to have some kind of unique skill. I won’t even guess as to what.

As for the above, Take your pick!


Defiant and Brash assault


How about Guard 4? So that the hp requirement isn’t as awful. Also so I can just kill off whoever they give it to for my Ashnard.

Oh wait that would be an inheritable 300 SP B-slot which currently we don’t have. So I would need it for Duo Micaiah and Sigrun as well…


No dull close?


They have yet to introduce a single Tier-4 B-skill, and I doubt they ever will. Having a signature B-skill means you can improve your score cap, and is a selling point for legendary units. They wouldn’t make that available as a general, inheritable skill; it would devalue the legendary units.

I could easily see Close Defense 4 on either of Edelgard or Dimitri. +8 and negating all visible buffs on melee foes isn’t really that substantial, truth be told. A lot of the game focuses on combat buffs now, so that’s not only possible, but wouldn’t even be that substantial.

Defiant 4 skills would be interesting, but I think those would also be hard to justify as an A-slot skill. Unlikely, I think, but definitely needed. It’s just tough to figure out something that isn’t just…Brazen but worse.

Breath 2 skills would be something, especially if they combined two stats. But Ike isn’t here so I dunno about these Brave units being able to breathe.

Breath of Life 4 is what I want, though I could see it becoming a self-heal as well. After combat, heal up 7 to self and nearby allies. That’d be amazing if it could work with healers, get my Absorb Tank Lachesis running. If Lysithea is a staff unit, I could see that happening.

Given that L!Edelgard’s B-skill was Raging Storm, I’m guessing their unique skills are set to to be for the legendary alts, so maybe their gambits from their default battalions will be their unique special skills as Brave units? So Edelgard has Raging Flames, Dimitri has Wave Attack, and Claude has Ashes and Dust, all as AoE attacks that bypass damage reduction, because they’re eventually going to introduce something that bypasses damage reduction so may as well get it out of the way.


Actually a guard 4 totally makes sense, especially with an A skill full up on it with no hp limit plus extra

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What if Defiant 4 when active flipped the DC/CC flag that reddit mentioned. Seems a more practical use for such a flag than DC refines that people are hypothesizing.


Oooh, that would be interesting. It’d be a little ridiculous to have a massive stat bonus on top of that, but then again getting into the HP range is a requirement, so it could happen. Though with damage reduction skills existing for both infantry and flying units, and both of those having access to Defiant skills, that could get…scary. It’d be real easy to drop into range then. Not to mention what it could do for Vantage sweepers. That’d be a definite upgrade, but a terrifying one.


Good point about the B skill and I can see them not releasing for that reason. Like @ShinxDaSphinx hinted at, Brash and Defiant are needing some updated love. Defiant never took off, and Brash only had a brief moment in the sun when it was realized it works with Desp.

BoL 4 has good potential if they do it right, and could be great for AR defenses. Again, potentially.

You’re also dead on about bypass damage reduction; I would expect more down the road as well beyond the one or two we have now. Especially now that they are flooding with CC Repel Spurn… sure, we’ll get more variety of those (maybe they’ll even throw in an Atk version instead of Spd), but IS rules the checks and balances system.


As far as I can tell that’s about the only way to make people want those skills.


They’ve been introducing the new problem of massive damage reduction for a while. It’s only a matter of time before they introduce the new counter to that problem, which itself becomes the new problem.

Breath of Life 4 really is the C-skill I’m mostly looking forward to seeing upgraded. I don’t think they’ll allow it to be too ridiculous, and really all I want is dual phase activation, but we’ll see what we get.


I mean I have a general Idea for Defiants and Brash Assault
What about

Defiant Atk 4: If unit’s HP <= 50%, grants unit Atk +7 for one turn and Atk +7 during combat


Defiant Atk/Spd 3: If unit’s HP <=50%, grants unit Atk/Spd +6 for one turn and Atk/Spd +6 during combat

Brash Assault 4: If unit’s HP <=75% and foe can counterattack, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack and reduce damage from enemy’s first attack by 50%


I think your second defiant is more realistic. Then again, they could do something crazy like +7 visual +7 non visual. 50 is still a rough threshold.

BA4 sounds like a winner in your version. I’d subscribe to that. Tanks would want that for sure.

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I kept 50 so it doesn’t invalidate Brazen
IDK how else to do it tho


My Oboro is still waiting for Swift Stance 3… so hopefully that comes in the Brave Banner


Not to be like this, but isn’t Brash Assault a B-skill?

I could see the defiant skills working like that, but I’d agree it’s more likely they’d work on two stats like the Tier-4 Threatens. Even if it’s a massive buff, adjusting only one stat isn’t really as useful as getting two with slightly lower values in each.

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Damage reduction based on difference in attack


That better be a unique skill, because Duo Ephraim is bad enough without something like that being inheritable.


How about a skill that calculates damage as the difference between atk and def in the case of swords, lances, axes, daggers, beasts and bows and atk and res for tomes, staves and dragons.


Inheritable spd based special. I see like a 25% or 30% so it’s still reasonable. Claude or Lys would probably have it. Also a PRF skill could be a simple omni-breaker for like no requirements.

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